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Friday, August 26, 2011

It's Great to be 8!

My Jakob turned 8 earlier this month. He's gotten so big!

It was kind of like a rerun of Troy's birthday: we went to the park, and we ate yellow cake with chocolate frosting that night.  However, when we went to the park, I decided to get my kids up early and go.  PERFECT plan!  No one was there, and it was nice and cool.  This time we got to go on the super big playing area.

We've had a poster hanging up in Jakob's room.  We made it when he was in first grade, when they did a spotlight on him.  I wanted to compare some of his favorites from then to what his favorites are now.  So his favorites from first grade will be listed in green, and his favorites now listed in red.

Favorite holiday:              all of them!                              Halloween
Favorite song:                  DuHast, Billie Jean                 Until Forever
Favorite food:                  ranch chicken taco and pizza   pizza
Favorite color:                 red                                            white
Favorite movie:               Up                                            Transformers
Favorite toy:                    Bakugan                                   Wii and Bakugan
Favorite TV show:          Mythbusters                              Mythbusters
Favorite animal:              cheetah                                      cheetah
Favorite Superhero:        Gooie Man                                Deathacus
Favorite book:                 Junie B. Jones, Horrible Harry Harry Potter series
Favorite person:              my sister Ivy                             Ivy
Favorite school subject:  science                                      gym
Favorite cartoon:            Avatar, The Last Airbender      MAD
A couple of side notes: the superheroes are ones that he has made up.  Clever little guy.  And I have no idea what MAD is, seeing as how we don't have TV.  Also, it's nice to know that he's growing up, but that some things stay the same (favorite animals, food, toys, TV show, person).  Also, both times (in 1st grade and now), I secretly wished that Jakob would say that I'm his favorite person.  But I'll settle for it being one of his siblings.

We went to Arby's for dinner-his choice.  It was yummy.

Then my parents came over, but they couldn't come until a little bit later.  So we had the kids take baths and get ready for bed before they came.  Hence the jammies.

Jakob got new scriptures, a scouting outfit, a Wii game...

...and clothes.  Notice his excitement about the clothes below:

He was also not very excited about starting scouts at first, either.  I told him that he could try it for a couple of months, and if he didn't like it he didn't have to do it.  But then my mom took him to buy his shirt and badges and all that on his birthday, and then he got way excited.

Some Jake-isms for ya:
Jake: (coughs) Me: Jake, cover your mouth. Jake: Oh, sorry. It's just my asthma. (He totally does NOT have asthma.)

Beej to Jake: Do you have a girlfriend? Jake: Yeah, it's Ila. Beej: Is she pretty? Jake: Yeah, she's pretty....pretty HOT! (Yeah, Ila's not his girlfriend.  Just a friend.)

I love my Jakob.  He's turning into a little man, where he has actual conversations with us.  He's so concerned that he's doing everything right.  He loves anything science, and is a super good reader.  He's a great older brother.  He's really amazing at the different Wii games that we have. Jakob is super creative and really funny.

I love my boy.

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Layton Mom said...

Oh how I love Jakob! He is quite the character and I love that Ila is his "girlfriend".