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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alive and Five!

My Troy Boy turned 5 at the beginning of August.  Look how cute he is!
By the time we reach the summer birthdays, we (ahem, I) are in total relax mode.  That means we just...hang out.  Troy's birthday this year was no different.  Although I did do a friend party for Jake when he turned

Troy decided he wanted to go to the park for his birthday.  We drove to a really popular park, and it was super crowded.  We saw two busloads of kids arriving there as well, so we opted for a quieter area of the park.

Then we commenced to bake in the sun.  It was so HOT!

We (ahem, the kids) were playing all good, and then, like, 10 kids suddenly showed up.  So my kids decided to go to a different toy area.  They played, and drew in the sand with sticks.  And then the same 10 kids showed up there!  It was like our own paparazzi squad or something.

Then two of my kids magically had to use the bathroom.  We found those, then I promised Popsicles at home.  The kids were in the car in two seconds flat.  We went home and ate Popsicles galore.

That night we went to Chili's.  Troy originally picked McDonald's, but blech.  So we convinced him to eat somewhere else instead.

Here's Ivy and Pete doing Spiderman poses:
My parents came over, and we had cake (yellow cake with chocolate frosting-one of my favorites, though I have lots of favorites) and ice cream.
Troy got a Joker cave (to go with his Batcave), some dinosaurs, a robot dinosaur, a couple of movies, and some Batman toys.  What a lucky little punk!
My Troy is so dang sweet.  He cannot WAIT to go to kindergarten next week.  He thinks he is just so old and so big.  He'll still cuddle with me, even though he's kind of pulling out of that phase, which makes me sad.  Troy loves his grandmas.  He's always talking about what he'll be doing when he gets older.  He's been trying to ride his two-wheeler bike sans training wheels, and petals twice, then freaks out, steers all crazy, and falls over. 

Troy: I love flying on a plane! Me: Um, have you ever flown on a plane? Troy: Yeah, I did in my dream.

Troy: When I grow up, I want a house that's a green rocket ship, and 26 kids.

Troy: (while eating, but not wanting to eat what I made for him) My sandwich doesn't want to be picked up.

He loves his Batman stuff, but also loves his stuffed animals.  He has a little turtle his grandma made for him.  It has a purple shell and light green limbs.  He named it Sea Mist.  No idea how he came up with that one.  Troy is a great brother.  He does a shy little smile that reminds me a lot of mine when I was his age-he tucks his lower lip under his upper teeth.  It's just so cute.

I love my little guy.

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FluffyChicky said...

I like his excuse for not eating his sandwich...I may try that one myself. :)