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Thursday, March 24, 2011


My Brock Ba-gock turned six - SIX! - a week-and-a-half ago.  Where does the time go?  I swear he was just born.
such a spaz!

I wish I had oodles and gobs of news of the great adventures in which we partook for his birthday, but alas.  We hung out in the morning, had a run-of-the-mill lunch, and then did roadshow practice.  Yee-haw.
My cuties

Although, we did go to Chili's for an early dinner.  On each person's birthday, he or she gets to choose where they want our family to eat for dinner.  At first he chose McDonald's, but with a suggestion of Chili's Brock quickly changed his mind.
Spazzing - again

Normally I really love Chili's, but for some reason that day my food was pretty blah.  Oh well.

After our dinner, we had some family come over for cake and ice cream. 
The cute engaged couple

The cute married couple

Such an internal struggle of "love my aunt" and "girls have cooties"
(I didn't get any pics of my niece and nephews.  Or any of the other kids that night, for that matter.  Or of Mom and Dad.  I suck.)

Like, two months ago, Brock decided that he wanted a strawberry cake.  With a Spiderman on top.  He even drew a picture of it for me:

Brock's drawing, labeled "birthday" by him
So we had the party mix cake on the inside (it's the kind with the little colored dots) and strawberry frosting on the outside.  Then Brock helped me with the sprinkles on top, so there were ample amounts of those.  Then I cut and arranged the strawberries.  I thought I had bought a "6" candle, but apparently not, and I only had 5 of the regular candles, so we added a fancy "1" to make it six.  I'm sure he didn't care.
The really yummy, really specific cake

Brock got a Lotso Huggin' Bear to complete his Toy Story collection, some "boring" clothes, the movie Hook, a Generator Rex toy, and a Toy Story coloring book.  He loves all of his presents-except the clothes (because he's a boy), but I love the clothes for him.
LOVE this shirt-thanks, Mom!

Can you see the joy and love on his face?
Here are some factoids about my Ba-gock:

Brock loves to do his homework right off.  Our kindergarten classes give a packet of homework on Monday for them to work on all week.  He sits and gets it all done the first day.  He's starting to read, and is doing pretty well with it, but sometimes wants to guess at the words and is totally wrong.  His voice gets softer and a little higher when he reads-it's funny.

He is the coloring and drawing machine!  He draws better than I do, and I'm not even joking.  For a while he'd sound out the words to write, which was really cute.  I need to scan some pictures in that he's drawn for us.
I adore this picture of my boys
Brock loves toast with peanut butter on it.  I have never, ever, eaten this, but he asks for it all the time now.

He is a hoarder, with a capital H.  I'll go through his school papers that he brings home, and toss the ones that are no big deal.  He'll dig through the garbage and pull them out to keep.  The other day I asked him to clean up his room, and take his toys downstairs and put them with all the other toys.  Instead, he shoved his toys under his bed, then arranged the garbage can and his blankets in front of his bed so I couldn't see his toys underneath.

Brock is a really chill kid.  Sometimes he can be a spaz, and every once in a while he'll get this little stubborn look on his face, but he's mostly just so, so good.  Pete will try to dupe him, and he never falls for it.  He doesn't really follow anyone else-he wants to just do his own thing, even if that means he'll be doing it by himself.  He calls chores "drawers".  He loves Toy Story, and Spiderman, but he wants to be a vampire for Halloween.  (Halloween costume discussions are a year-round occurrence in my home.)

Brock is a total lady killer.  One little girl kissed him on the cheek while riding the bus, and it was the talk of the neighborhood.  (I had, like, 4 moms ask me about it, because their kids told them about it.)  He sits by a girl at school, and I'm pretty sure she likes him, too.

He has a steel-trap mind, like his dad.  He remembers EVERYTHING.  He's also very patient.  He'll ask for something, and if I tell him I'll get it or do it later, then a while later he'll gently ask me about it again, and of course I had totally forgotten in the interim.  But he doesn't get upset with me.

Brock is still a super night owl.  I don't know what we're going to do with that kid when he has to get up at 7 a.m. for school next year.

The other day I took him to the store, and got him a big candy bar because he was having a rough day-Jake and Troy didn't want to play with him for some reason.  I thought he'd eat the whole thing by himself, and gloat over his brothers that he had this fabulous candy bar and they didn't.  Instead, he shared it with them.  How nice is that?

Love this boy of mine.
My 6-year-old


Jennifer said...

What a cutie! I feel so bad his card is SOO late getting to him! We thought about him all day on his big day but we are delinquent. I agree with you the pict of your 2 boys together is terrific! Hope you are all doing well!

Karlenn said...

He is such a cutie. I just love that kid. I love all your kids. he has the most handsome smile ever. I'm glad he liked my lame-o coloring book. Sorry. Fundage issues, as usual. Dude. I just realized that Pete's birthday is Saturday. Any family plans? We're supposed to hang out with Pooh Saturday night - she'll be in Poky.

Beth said...

He is getting so big! Handomse guy! P.S.Peanut butter on toast rocks! Also peanut butter and cream cheese on toast rocks even more! Ooey Gooey Yummy mess!

Mindy H. said...

Six years old already?!? I'm glad he had a great birthday. He sounds and looks like a fun kid. I hope his whole sixth year is jam-packed with adventure!

lexykay said...

brock rules; he's such a sweetheart! i'm glad we were able to come up for his birthday party! and i love that picture of me and jake; what a cutie he is.