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Friday, February 11, 2011

Non-Forgetting Friday: Training Day Part 3

This is the only picture I have from Troy's potty training experience, because his training time was so stinking fast.  Well, kind of.

Our little potty was pretty much a permanent fixture in our upstairs bathroom by this time.  Once trained, all of my kids have wanted to use the "big tow-wet" (big toilet), but have all trained on the little one.  So, for a long time, Troy would use the little potty before baths at night, and actually go in it (just #1).  But I couldn't get him to use it any other time.  I didn't try to force him into it, though.  (See?  I'd learned.)

So that went on for a couple of months.  Then I had my hysterectomy (this is Oct. 2009).  So, just so I have it straight in my head, Jake trained in 2006, Brock in 2008, Troy in 2009, Ivy in 2010.  While I was healing from surgery, my mom came over a lot and helped me out with things.  And Troy LOVES my mom.  He loves cuddling with her, and he'd do anything for her.  So she would ask him to go in the mornings, and he would.

A little over a month after I had my surgery, I went to my doctor's appointment to get checked to see how I was healing.  And Troy had preschool-just a neighborhood thing that a few ladies and I did for our 3-year-olds.  Troy was the youngest in his little group, and, incidentally, the only one not potty trained.  So I took him over to preschool and left for my appointment, leaving my mom behind.

After preschool started, Troy pooped in his diaper.  The poor mom was trying to figure out where the smell was coming from.  When she found it was Troy, I guess a few of the other kids were all, "You still wear diapers?"  And he was soooo embarrassed.  The mom called my mom, but she couldn't go get him, and by the time I got back from my appointment the preschool was almost over.  So the poor mom had to smell him the whole two hours, and Troy had to sit in it and be embarrassed for two hours.

It definitely had an effect on him.  He talked about it for a few days after.  And that's when I decided he was ready.  That was his button-being a Big Boy, and keeping up with his peers.

I made a potty chart for him.  We started December 4, apparently.  I kept him in diapers, though, because I wasn't wanting to clean up messes.  The first day he went in the toilet only in the morning and before bed.  The next day he did the same thing.  But the following day, at church, no less, Troy told me he had to use the bathroom.  I took him, and to my surprise he went. 

And...that's that.  He was good to go from then on.  I put him in undies after a couple of weeks, and he's been dry ever since.

Which takes us to...part 4, Ivy's story.  Stay tuned.  That is, if you want to hear more about poop.


Karlenn said...

Ah. I hope that Mikey trains this quickly. When I finally get around to training him. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I bet that was really nice! I can't wait to hear Ivy's story. She was even faster wasn't she?