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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Amazing, Awesome, and Addicting

1. Last week it snowed.  A bunch.  Then the snow decided to drift all over the place, meaning, my driveway.  And I was out shoveling Wednesday morning while pies were cooking in my oven.  I'd have to shovel one little area about three times, because I couldn't lift a 2 1/2-foot layer of snow with the shovel in one fell swoop.  Then, to my utter surprise and delight, a big huge blue tractor drives up.  At first, it looked like my neighbor, but then it kind of didn't.  He asked if he could clear the snow for me.  In less than two minutes, he had cleared my entire driveway.  Like I said, I couldn't tell who it was for sure, because he was all bundled up, and I had my glasses on that were getting all foggy with tears of frustration, then tears of relief because he came to help me.  So, if anyone knows who this kind fellow is, please let me know so I can thank him (I gave him a thank-you wave, but that doesn't seem sufficient enough), or let him know that I'm so grateful.

2. I've seen two terrific movies and a play this last week.  Movie one: Harry Potter.  A-MAZ-ING.  I heart Harry Potter.  End of story.  Movie two: Tangled.  I just about bawled during one of the scenes, when the two main characters are on a lake.  It was just... so beautiful!  I had to keep swallowing really hard to stop myself from crying.  WONDERFUL movie.  The play: the people from Playmill put on "White Christmas" at a local theater here.  They did a great job.

3. We had Thanksgiving Wednesday night because my sister and her fiance had to jet out of town unexpectedly Thursday.  It was actually really nice to have Thanksgiving dinner the night before.  And then we went to the movie Thursday and had leftovers afterwards, so it's like we still had Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving.

4.  These little Heath bars are like crack!  I should just buy the big bar of Heath, because I think I would consume fewer calories that way.  These bad boys are so addicting, and I could probably eat 20 or so of them without batting an eyelash.

5. Another thing I'm addicted to: these amazing pants!  I wish I could give a pair to everyone I know.  And then we could start a fashion trend of soft cozy fleece pants, and then I wouldn't have to change out of them to go places to look acceptable-ish.  They are $9, at Walmart.  You will not be sorry if you run out and grab some!  I have pink, and purple, and polka-dot now.  They can get a little static cling in them, which usually I hate, but with these I feel like it's an extra warm hug for my legs.

6. And if that wasn't enough, I'm addicted to another thing: the Hunger Games books.  I CANNOT put them down.  I read nonstop Saturday and Sunday, and finished today.  And now I'm having withdrawals.  LOVE them.  Read them!

7. Monday I finally got my snowblower to run!  I hate that things like lawn mowers and other outside machinery have a pull-string starter thingy.  I have to pull the string with all my might to get these items started.  I had tried two or three times (at like, a hundred pulls each) before yesterday, without success.  Then Pete suggested I bring it in the house, thinking that getting the machine warm would help it.  So I hauled it into my kitchen, cleaned it off with baby wipes (seriously, who knew those things could be so handy in wiping things other than baby bottoms?), and then a couple of hours later took it out.  It started after about 5 pulls, which is amazing for me.  Once it was going, I wasn't about to stop until my whole driveway was cleared again.  I even got all fancy and cleared my sidewalk.

What has been amazing, awesome, or addicting in your life lately?


Karlenn said...

Ah, I loved this post. I feel like I say this every time. You're just awesome. I'm so happy you're my sistah. The Hunger Games - so amazing. I think I might have to re-read all of them again. And Harry Potter. I've been yearning to go watch the movie again. I think we should go together when it gets to the dollar theater. In like a year. :) Lex is getting me some of those pants for Christmas - I cannot WAIT.

Becky said...

Addicting and Awesome:
1. Harry Potter was so freaking good I saw it twice in one day.
2. Tangled was so sweet. I loved the animation and that Repunzel didn't look like any other Disney princess. She had character and looked awesome as a brunette and blonde.
3. Hunger Games series is sooo good!! I read them all as if they were the last books I would ever read.
4. I am addicted to the Show Raising Hope. Its just the right amount of red neck happiness for me.
5. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! Your Lovechunks misses you!!

Mosers said...

Well dear.. at least your snowblower had gas in it... I tried a bazillion times and realized.. it was out of gas! ;)

lexykay said...

dude. i will be sitting in class and just start thinking about harry potter and how freaking good that movie was. i want to see it again so bad. i still can't believe how close to crying i was when dobby died... it was really well done.
i wish i could have seen tangled! i'm making chris take me sometime... when we have money... in like a decade.
i'm wearing my pants right now. i can't tell you how addicting they are. well i guess you already know. but seriously, i leave them on my bed because the second i get home i put them right back on. i've wanted to wear them to school so many times but have refrained thus far. i caught chris wearing them again and snagged a few pictures. they really are just a hug on your legs. they should make pajama tops out of them!!!

i think that i am currently addicted to chris, being in love, monopoly, kinects dance game, and 100 calorie snack bags of popcorn.

CHELZERS said...

current addictions:
1) mtn dew
2) dutch baby (german pancake)
--no seriously...I make one on average of once a week. AND I eat the entire thing (hello, ten pounds!)
3) I still watch twilight and new moon whenever i get the chance. Can't freakin stand that eclipse comes out TONIGHT at midnight ;)

What the heck is wrong with me??


Mindy H. said...

I am right with you on the loving of the Harry Potter flick. I am so glad that the movies haven't killed my love for the books.

My main addiction these days is fresh pineapple. Weird, eh? I like buying one after school on Fridays and then snacking on it all weekend. Perhaps it is my way of trying to hold on to summer?

I'm glad things are going so well for you and your family. And thanks for the pants tip. I will sooooo check those out.