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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

White and Nerdy

I don't know if this falls under "geek, dweeb, or spaz", or all of the above, but I have a confession to make...

I LOVE these:
They're called logic puzzles.  They give you clues, and then you have to figure out what belongs to whom by process of elimination.

I seriously, seriously love them.  I could probably do them all day long.  I have a little book that I take to my kids' gym class (more on that later).

Here's another type.  Very much the same, but it works with the picture at the bottom of the page rather than the grid:
Also?  There's an online site that has these, but they get predictable.  They're also a tad bit easier than the book I have.

Another, very closely related nerdy thing that I love is called logic art.  It's kind of like the logic puzzles, but when you're done, you end up with a picture, again using process of elimination.  I first was introduced to logic art when I took a nerdy extra math class in high school called discreet math.  (And, I actually really enjoyed that class.)  Anyway, I couldn't figure out a great way to explain it, so I scanned in the directions:

And here are two puzzles, for your, or repulsion, to look at.  Because let's face it- this isn't everyone's cup of tea.
Here's an online site of logic art, called Griddlers.  I could spend all day doing these, as well.

And now you know!  (Um, like you didn't know before that I was a nerd.  Come on.)

P.S.-There's a nerd site I've recently found, called GraphJam.  Embrace the nerd within!


Karlenn said...

Yeah, for me, repulsion. Not my cup of tea. Not because I'm nerdy, but because I'm dumb. But give me a crossword puzzle, or a game of scrabble or balderdash, and I could do those all day. I, too, am a nerd. Just of a different genre. And I AM LOVING YOU POSTING SO OFTEN!! Keep it up!!

Karlenn said...

Hm. What I meant with my third sentence was, "Not because I'm NOT nerdy." Totally messed up on that sentence.

megan said...

I ditto Kar. I don't do so well on logic games. I do like scrabble or crossword puzzles. Although, it has been FOREVER since I've done either.

Mindy H. said...

I LOVE the logic puzzle thingyies! One of my favorite times of year is when the math teachers give them out to the 7th graders. It is the only week of the year that I don't grumble about helping out at after school tutoring. Thanks for the link... it will be well-used!

Niki Rooker said...

There is a great site that I solve logic art at. It has SOO many puzzles and the bonus is you can make your own for other people to solve(if you enjoy that sort of challenge). My husband and I both love the site. He is a creator, and I am a solver and sometimes creator. Its called webpbn, and played best on safari. You should check it out.