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Monday, November 22, 2010

Remember When? (Kind of like Memory Monday, but the TOTALLY CHEATING Version)

Hey!  Remember when I whined and complained about wanting to paint my downstairs family room?  Remember that I wanted to do it last spring, and that didn't happen, and then the summer flew by me, and then I was totally going to paint Labor Day weekend, but then that's when Pete got his 6th kidney stone?

Remember blah white walls with hundreds of dings in them?
Now there's a new memory to replace the old! 

Okay, I don't know if it's showing up very well, but that would be a freshly painted beautiful blue wall!!!  My awesome sister Kar and I decided that we needed to help each other out in the painting-our-rooms-in-our-houses endeavors.  Because on our own, it seems to be an insurmountable task, but with two people doing it, it doesn't seem so bad, and then when you do it it gets done way faster.

I cleaned.  I fixed dings.  Lots and lots of dings.  I haven't put up my pictures again yet, but that shouldn't take long.  It looks so, so good!

Oh, and because I'm a nerd, I didn't get any action shots of us actually painting, but my sister did.  Also, Pete took the kids out to dinner and a movie to keep them out of the way, which was a HUGE help.

Okay, so also, remember when I was whining about having a messy kitchen all the time?  And how I need to change my habits and become better at what I do?  I've been working really hard at this, and though I haven't been perfect, I've been a lot better.  I've been trying to stay on top of laundry (this last week, not so much), and staying on top of dirty dishes.  So today...

This is my kitchen with a freshly mopped floor.  The dishes are all done.  The laundry is running as I type.  I dusted and windexed.  I tried to snow blow, but I couldn't get the machine started, so I tried shoveling, and it kept blowing back on me, so I'm going to have to try again later today or tomorrow.  My chicken is cooked for tonight's dinner.  My floors are vacuumed.  I am the master of my fate!

YAY for new "memories"!


Robin said...

I love your paint! I've been wanting to paint upstairs, but Scott says it is a slippery slope for me--he thinks I will never be completetly happy with any paint color and want to change it every couple of years. Probably true. But I love your blue and your beautifully clean kitchen! Good job!

Momza said...

YEA! SO smart to take a picture of this when the messes pile up again!
You can recall at least this one day when everything was DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks great!! I love the blue color! I want to paint our basement, but I have a feeling it will NEVER happen. Glad you got it done! That's great that you have been doing well on cleaning. I'm trying too, but it's not that easy. Your kitchen looks awesome!! I'm jealous! Mine is a total MESS right now...

Aprillium said...

Okay... wanna come do my house now? ;) Great job!

Mindy H. said...

Your walls and kitchen look wonderful! Painting really is a great activity to do with sisters. You get to accomplish something while visiting, listening to music, and joking around. And now your painting experience will make for a great memory that will spring to mind whenever you see your beautiful blue walls.

CHELZERS said...

Wow you are amazing!! It looks fantastic. I go in cycles where I am super on top of dishes/laundry/etc. etc. Then there are times (like now) when I have things like two heaping baskets full of just the girls clean clothes to hang and put away and enough dishes to run two cycles. :S It never ends but as long as we keep on keepin' on, right?? Thanks for the inspiration! Happy belated Thanksgiving!