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Sunday, November 7, 2010


(So this happened, like, a month ago, and I'm just getting around to posting about it.  Good times.)

In the first part of October, Pete's parents came up to visit us.  We decided to head up to Yellowstone Park for the day.  Pete's dad has been all over the world, but has never been to Yellowstone. 
It was a gorgeous day, but very very cold.  But since we went in the fall instead of the summer, the animals were out in droves.  Here are a bunch of elk that we saw when we barely entered the park:
DROVES, I tell you!  I actually can't think of a time when I've seen the elk out, and I've been to Yellowstone several times. 

We drove to Old Faithful, and decided to make sandwiches and wait for it to go off.

Here's Ivy:
You can tell it's cold.  Her little nose and fingers were red.  It was fine while we were walking, but when we stopped is when we could feel the crisp cold wind.

Here's Jakob being all emo about something.  I can't remember why he was pouting, but whatever.
Marianne and Howard, with Troy and Brock.  We had the kids stand or sit in front of us so we could block the cold wind.
And finally, Old Faithful!  It never ceases to amaze me.
Jake and Brock saw it when they were super little, so I think this is the first time they remember seeing it.
Ivy was all "WHOA!!!"  She thought it was great.

I tried to take a picture of the kids, but the sun was right behind me.  I love how Troy is trying to open his eyes here.  (When I was little, my dad would always take outside pictures, and we'd be looking straight at the sun.  I have so many squinty-eyed pictures.)
And here are the Yellowstone Falls.  This thing is seriously humongous!  I think it's my favorite part of Yellowstone Park.
Here's our family picture, with the falls in the background:
Did I mention the animals were out in droves?  A buffalo:
And the grandparents with the grandkids.

Like I said, we had so much fun!  Thanks for going with us, guys!

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Karlenn said...

I am really jealous. I would love to go to Yellowstone when it's not like a hundred degrees outside. I think the falls are my favorite part, too. I love Jake's cheesy face when Old Faithful is shooting off. He is such a silly.