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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mr. Passive Aggressive

Jakob is definitely gaining skills in the passive aggressive department. 

Here are just a few examples:

1) "I wish..."  If Jake wants something, he'll start a sentence with this phrase.  Like if he wants a snack: "I wish we could have snacks right now."  "I wish we could finish watching that movie."  And on and on.

2) He posted this note on our wall.  And it's not the first one that he's put up about cleaning the toys.  (If only it would occur to him that his brothers can't re-read it after he's read it to them.)

Here's the translation-it's a bit hard to read: Putting Back Toys If you're done with a toy, put it back.  If it's clean-up time pick up all the toys.  If your name is Brock or Troy get three toys.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Jakob

I love how he's silently blaming his brothers for making the mess.  And the picture is awesome.  He's also kind of ordering his brothers around, but then is trying to be all nice about it (thank you, sincerely).

3) Jakob likes to play a couple of games on Pete's iPod.  The other day Jakob came up to Pete and said, "So Dad.  How's your iPod doing?"  Like trying to suggest in a round about way that he wants to play on the iPod without actually asking.

4) At lunch time Jakob wanted a Sunkist to drink, but we were out.  Sunkist isn't a regular buy for us.  But then Jakob says, "Looks like someone needs to go grocery shopping."  Well, then.  He did say "just kidding" afterwards (though, that's also passive aggressive-to say something you actually mean and then try to back out of it by saying just kidding right after to soften the blow).

I just wish someone would grow out of this phase...


Karlenn said...

That is so, so funny!!! It reminds me of that Passive Aggresive Notes website. You should submit Jakob's note to them. :) I'll bet they'd love it.

Mindy H. said...

Dude! Jenny's two oldest boys do the same kind of things! It must be a boy-quirk. We talk about passive aggresivness in the conflict managment unit in my communications classes, but it tends to be a stero-typical girl trait (boys tend to be more directly aggresive). It is interesting that this generation of boys is mixing thing up a bit. But interesting or not, I hope they all grow out of it soon ;-D