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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Buffalove Vay-Cay, Part 2

And now for the exciting conclusion of our trip! YAY!

On Friday we went to Palmyra and Fayette.

By the way, I need to do a little shout-out to my cute sister, Brianna. If the whole nurse anesthetist thing doesn't work out for her, she could open a bed and breakfast. She was all, "Here are three different towels for each of you. And here are some chocolates for you in your room. And I didn't know which of these three drinks you preferred the most, so I got all three." Seriously, just so accommodating. And even though she's been to all of these things a million times, she still drove us all over the place and went with us to all this stuff.

At Palmyra, we went to the Hill Cumorah, and to the visitor's center there. It was really fun to walk around and see all the things there.

We also visited the Grandin Building, where the Book of Mormon was published. They showed us the whole procedure of making books back then. I couldn't believe that they made 5,000 copies with such an arduous process.

Then we went to the Smith farm. It's so funny that Pete is way taller than the door frame to the Smith home.

All the buildings were just so teeny tiny. I couldn't believe it.

The Palmyra temple is on the Smith farm land.

I tried to take a picture of the stained-glass windows in the temple. Obviously, it would be way beautiful on the inside, but you could still kind of see the pattern on the outside. I love stained-glass windows.

Then we got to go into the Sacred Grove. I had no idea how big it was, nor did I know it was also part of the Smith's property. It was so beautiful, and so peaceful. No wonder Joseph Smith picked this spot to pray.

There's a stone wall running through the property. It's speculated to be part of an old fortress or boundary of some sort, but no one knows for sure.

We drove a little further to see Fayette, where the Peter Whitmer farm. They have a really cool church there.
Attached to the church was a visitor's center. They had pictures hanging up, drawings and paintings from the first Ensign. I liked this one a lot, of Joseph's mom getting ready to be baptized.
Here's the main room of the Whitmer home. Again, crazy small. I couldn't believe that they squished 50ish people in there when the church was organized.

I had no idea that Mary Whitmer, Peter's wife and David's mom, also got to see the Gold Plates. I guess she was a little overwhelmed and frustrated with so many house guests, and she went out to milk the cows. The angel Moroni came down and showed her the plates. How awesome is that?

See? Tiny.
Then Saturday we...just kind of hung out. We saw Shrek 4, and, um, hung out. I hope Brianna wasn't too bored with us. But it was just so nice to sleep in, and read, and play games, and watch movies, and not be time pressured for anything. Very very fun.

So, there you have it! I recommend going to Buffalo and seeing the nearby sites to anyone. Especially if you stay at Hotel Brianna and Spencer. (Love you guys!)


Karlenn said...

Beads is the best hostess ever. Holy crap, that David Whitmer house is sooo small! I would have been overwhelmed if I was Mary Whitmer, too. I love that story.

Mindy H. said...

I am so glad that you guys had such a great vay-cay. How cool is that to have such accomodating hosts in the family? I need to get back there to visit one of these days...Maybe when I finally get to do my "Church History Temple Trip" extravaganza that I have been dreaming about.... I bet your kids were happy to have you home. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love the nicknames you and Kar have for Brianna:)

Kar told me you were going, but she didn't say you were going kidless!! How awesome! I'm glad you had so much fun!! I wish we could visit over there someday. I went as a teenager and loved it!