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Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Graduate, Take 2

Well, it's official!

Brock is done with preschool! It was just barely nice enough that we had the "ceremonies" outside in his teacher's backyard.

Brock has had a blast this year. His teacher, Miss Karla, is super awesome. I think about how I was (*ahem* absolutely batty) with Troy's preschool group (6 kids, twice a week, only 6ish times the whole year), and I am in awe of Karla doing two groups of 12 all year long. They learned the pledge and a whole bunch of songs. She taught the kids a lot of sign language signs.

They also did a play not too long ago: The Three Billygoats Gruff, and Brock was the Troll. SOOO cute.

Brock has grown so much this last year! He knows some of his letters, can color and draw really well, and I guess is quite the puzzle guru. He can even write his name! Kind of! (Well, if his name is "Byonx", then he's got it down perfect. That's another thing we'll be working on this summer.)

They did field trips, and Zoophonics, and tons of crafts. I love Miss Karla, as do my kids. I am really excited to have Troy go to her preschool in the fall.

Good job, Brock!


Karlenn said...

That Byonx made me giggle out loud. Sooooo cute. I can't believe our quiet little Brock was brave enough to be the troll!! Good job, Brockie!!

Shauna said...

CUTE! Congrats :)