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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Smattering

There are about 4 million things that I haven't blogged about. Because I'm a winner like that. But now I wanna, so I'm gonna.

-I love my calling. And the ladies I work with are A-MAZ-ING. End of story.

-Jakob had a dance competition last Saturday. He was awesome. I seriously had tears in my eyes that I had to choke back while watching.

-My parents, who are The Awesomest Parents of All Time, have taken me and some of my sisters to a couple of different plays. One was "Forever Plaid", which is one of my favorites, and the other was a Shakespearean improv by a group called iO Theater. Seriously, so funny.

-I suck at improvising.

-My parents also paid for a hotel room in our town, and we swam at the really warm pool and ate pizza and watched a movie. Did I mention that my parents are the awesomest of all time?

-My cute sister Brianna, who I call Beej, came to visit from New York where she lives. We watched the Olympics, and we went skiing, and it was so very very fun.

-I'm in love with the men's skating now, more so than the women's.

-Pete and I are going to go out to New York beginning of June to visit Beej and her hubby Spencer. We're going to see the Sacred Grove and Niagara Falls. Cool huh?

-We paid off our minivan with our tax return. YAY!

-Pete and I went skiing for an afternoon a while back. It was the first time for both of us in years and years. It was really fun, and a beautiful day.

-I've had an awesome cough/cold/sinus thing for the last week and a half. It's been oh-so-awesome. But I finally went to see the doctor, and he gave me some stuff, and it's finally going away.

-I hate waking up during the night, but I especially hate waking up coughing.

-Ivy has been talking more and more, which is wonderful.

-I was totally going to potty train Ivy this month. I'm thinking it's not going to happen. I should. But she's so little.

-Sweet moment #1: Troy was trying to teach Ivy how to pray the other day. "...say 'thank you for this day'..." And Ivy says, "...dis dahey..."

-Sweet moment #2: Jakob realized that this fall, Brock will be going to the same school as he is. He just got so excited. Jakob: "And we can eat lunch together, and go to recess together, and I'll help you on the bus!"

-I love that my little boys are all buddies. Sure, they'll fight, but it's not very often.

-Funny moment: In the car, on the way to Brock's preschool, Troy was singing "Twinkle twinkle little dragon", instead of "star". For whatever reason. And Brock says, "Troy, sing it NER-MAL!"

-I have zero drive to digital scrapbook right now. I know that once I start, it'll be great and it will go super fast. But it's just getting started on it.

-I have a ton of other more pressing "projects" that I always have to get done before even thinking about the digital scrapbooking. So not only do I not have the drive, but it's also really far down on the priority list.

-Other projects that I want to do but am clearly not finding the time to do: spring cleaning, repainting my walls, and practicing some new piano songs.

-I can't wait for it to get warmer outside.

-My tulips are starting to poke out of the ground. Just barely.

-Tulips make me happy.

-I love teaching piano.

-Lately I've been taking a little afternoon nap, before Jakob gets home from school. Ivy's down for her nap, and the boys generally let me sleep. It's awesome.

-I got my hair cut a little while ago. And I love it. I can just blow-dry it, and it looks fine for the most part (well, to me, anyway). I used to hate how fine my hair was, but now I'm at peace with it.

-I'm also at peace with my super duper white skin. Porcelain. Or reflection. Either or.

-I need some new books to read. Not that I have time to read, but still.

-The Sherlock Holmes short stories were really fun to read. Maybe I should do one of the Sherlock Holmes novels.

-I have a massage/pedicure gift that Pete gave me for Christmas. I used it today, and it felt AWESOME. And now I have 5,000 gallons of energy. It's amazing what a little relaxation and some painted toenails can do for a girl.

-I helped in Jakob's class on Monday, and the kids had to make up a math problem about cookies. After listening to 18 stories about cookies, that's all I could think about. So my boys and I made chocolate chip cookies after dinner that night.

-Cookies are one of my vices.

-Coke is another one.

-Last time I went to the store they were completely out of Coke. Inexcusable, Walmart, to keep a girl from her Coke.

-All of my boys' pants have holes in the knees. And of the pants whose holes I patched, new holes have appeared below the patch, because my boys have grown.

-I'm thinking I'll just leave the holes in the pants. Because white trash can be a statement, too.

-There are also holes in my couch.

-I want new couches. I'm trying to convince Pete that that's what he wants for his birthday.

-I'm in a purging mood. There is SO much that I want to toss out the window!

-I teach my last week of Troy's preschool next week. Hallelujah! (Don't get me wrong; they're cute kids. But the six of them plus two more of my own plus me equals pure chaos.)

-My boys have all drawn pictures for me in the last few days. I love it.

-Life is good.

The end.


Rachel said...

Love it! My boys pants all have holes in them too, it drives me crazy how hard they are on things. Oh well, it could be worse.

Karlenn said...

I love that - "Sing it NER-mal!!!" Brock is hilarious. "Blood! Blood!!" I wish my kids got along as well as your kids do. And I wish I didn't have to patch so many gosh darned jeans. It's getting really, really old. Tulips make me happy, too. I keep going outside to stare at my crocuses. I love spring.

CHELZERS said...

i love love love to read your posts. i laugh out loud at least twice, but usually more.
you are such a great example to me! awesome is the best word for you!

Anonymous said...

I Love this post! Even though there's no pictures, shame on you:) hehe It's so fun to read how other people handle life and how other kids act!:) That's exciting that Ivy is talking more!! Good luck with potty training:)

The Staker Family said...

That was great, so much information! It has been nice having a big break from preschool, thanks, now you get your reward and I get it 3 more times! My couches have holes too, it's really awesome, but they are SO far down on the list it is ridiculous! Allan is getting new shoes for his birthday, he doesn't think he needs them but he does! Oh, and today Hailey was playing "Holding Hands Around The World" and it sounded like a real song! (just the top hand but still)

Momza said...

Wow! You are one very very busy Mama!
Your kiddos are adorable!

Becky said...

Love love love it! I vote throw the couches out the window. It will really help you achieve the white trash look you are going for LOL...You rock Nat

Janae -- Thoughts in Vinyl said...

I need to do a post like that and throw in the three birthdays that I missed several months ago!
I must be total white trash because I don't even bother to fix the holes in Bridgers pants. I know I totally could, but he puts holes in the knees in about 2 weeks, so I figure it is a battle that I would always be fighting with--much like my laundry!

jomama said...

what a great post! i love my calling too. and the ladies i work with are cooler than the ladies you work with! also, whenever i see my kids perform in ANYTHING, i cry. and, if you ever want to read a good book, borrow "the history of love" from me. if you haven't read it already.
also, you are the coolest!

Momza said...

Hey! I saw your kids' mascara mess on LOOK WHAT MY KID DID! blog! hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

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