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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Ba-gock

My cute little Brock turned 5 on Friday. I seriously can't even believe it. I feel like he's still just a little kid. Which, you know, he is, considering he's only 5. But I registered him for kindergarten on Monday, and it just doesn't even seem possible.

Anyway, his birthday was wonderful. He wanted to go out to eat, and he picked McDonald's. Yummy! After eating the boys went and played in the little toy area, which they loved. And the toy in their happy meals was an R2-D2, and each came with a temporary tattoo. An R2-D2 Ta-Too, if you will. (I was trying to get them to show off their tattoos. It kind of worked.)

I had decided that, starting at age 5, my kids could have a friend party, and do one every other year. I asked Brock who he wanted to invite to his friend party, and he said, "Dylan, and Sadie (two of his cousins), and Grandma and Grampa, and Jakob and Troy and Ivy, and Mom and Dad." So...a family party. I don't know if I should be flattered that he considers his family members to be his friends, or sad because he doesn't really have many kids that he plays with outside of his brothers. For now, I'm choosing to be flattered. (And hey, less work for me, so a win-win.)

He got some clothes, and went, "Aw, man!" when he opened them. But his other presents made up for the disappointment of clothes: a Wall-E, a huge kangaroo (that Ivy has been trying to steal ever since), a "Credi-huck" (translation: Incredible Hulk), Rex from the Toy Story movies, an Iron Man potato head ("Tony Starch"-get it?), a paper airplane that Jakob made for him (seriously, how sweet is that?), and the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs".

My Brocky-foo-foo is the cutest kid. He's a total night owl. He loves to squirrel toys away-into his bed, a backpack, whatever container he can find. He's very obedient. He's really good at hiding. He's getting really good at coloring in the lines. He sticks up for his brothers-if he thinks that his dad is wrestling with someone too hard or too much, he tries to get him to stop. He's an observer, and very content. But when you get him alone, watch out, because he'll chat your ear off.

*sigh* Love my Brock Ba-gock.


Momza said...

they grow up so fast...what a sweet bunch you have, Natalie.
Happy bday Ba-gock!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brock!! Sounds like it was a great day!!:) Brynnan got the same Wall-E toy for his 2nd birthday and the boys LOVED it!! I'm sure they still would love playing with it, but it's kind of easy for it to break so we had to put it away. I don't even remember where it is! LOL

I can't believe we already had to do kindergarten sign ups!! Jonas is starting next year too and it just seems crazy!! They grow up so fast!!:P

Layton Mom said...

SO glad you translated Brockeze for me. I asked him about his b-day at church yesterday and couldn't for the life of me figure out what "credi-huk" was.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Brock! To me he's the little guy in his pajamas with a backpack as big as he is. Always.

Karlenn said...

That kid is the best. Such a sweet, calm spirit. I need to send you my pics from that night. And you need to send some to me, sistah!

Tyson and Rachelle said...

You have a 5 year old? What? Crazy how time flies huh?? So cute!

lexykay said...

wish i could have been there. brock is such a sweety; i love hanging out with that guy. one of my favorite memories was 4th of july helping him light fireworks. so cute!

Robin said...

happy birthday Brock. By the way, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the best movie ever (as far as kid movies go)! We are constantly quoting lines from that one at our house.

The Staker Family said...

Hey, who needs friends when you have an older brother and a younger brother to play with right at your own house all the time! I miss the days when my girls were just content to play with each other all the time! Natalie still sleeps on a huge dog that Ally got for her birthday a few years ago so maybe Ivy will be successful, and I evidently need to watch "Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs." Sounds like a fun party for a fun boy!

Mosers said...

Landen just turned 5, we should get them together to play sometime, and Jayce too!