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Friday, February 12, 2010

A "Cheer"

Nat: I've got strep, yes I do!
I've got strep, how 'bout you?

Pete: I've got strep, yes I do!
I've got strep, that makes two!

...My aches and chills turned into super awful throat pain; I went to the doc and it turns out it was strep. (My apologies to anyone I came in contact with when I didn't know I was contagious.)

And just as I'm starting to get better, Pete goes in today and gets the same verdict.

So our Valentine's Day will include a lot of drug-induced staring at one another. Soooo romantic.

So who has good plans for V-day?


Momza said...

Oh yuck.
I had a grand ol time taking two of my yahoos to the Dr today too.
So fun.
Hope you're feeling better in 72 hours or less!

Aprillium said...

Awwwww suckage.... sleeep, sleeeep is good!

Karlenn said...

Oh dang it. Men are the worst when they're sick. I'm so sorry! I'm really, really praying that your kids don't get this yuckiness. I wanted to call you today, but DANG, I had a busy day. We had to cook an enormous roast for our ward party for four hours today. My entire house smells like roast beef. It makes me want to vomit. Every article of clothing. Every wall surface. My hair. It all smells like roast beef. What a nightmare. Sorry I went on a little tangent there. I'm so sorry you're sick, Nattles. And I'll call you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! I'm so sorry you're both sick!! I hope you and Pete get feeling better soon!!