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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Like a Three-Legged Puppy With One Eye

This is one of the saddest things I've seen. Ever.

Here's a translation:

To Santa, From Jakob. No toys for me! :( I tried to find my Bakugan.

Do you know why there are no toys for me? Because I lost one of my Bakugans.

I seriously wanted to cry when I read that note that he wrote.

He lost his little Bagukan toy randomly, and I know it's somewhere in the house but we can't find it. He even bought it with his own money and everything. Poor guy. We told him that that's not how Santa works, though - not giving toys at Christmas because of losing a toy. He ended up writing a new note to Santa, telling him that he tried and tried to find his other Bakugan, but proceeded to ask for a ton of Bakugan things, including watch and calendar.

In other Jakobisms...
He has to read 20 minutes every school night. So one night he read about 15, and I told him that that was good enough, and I would write 20 minutes on his sheet. With big round eyes he said, "You're going to LIE about my reading time???" I told him, no, I wasn't, because the night before he had read at least 5 extra minutes that I hadn't counted into his reading time, so 15 plus 5 makes 20 minutes. I'm glad he is now aware of lying, and I'm glad that he was going to make sure that I didn't lie, either.

Another time that Jakob lost a different toy (sensing a trend, here), I told him to patiently look for it, and we'd be able to find it. A long time ago I had told him that he can always pray when he needs help finding toys, or if he's scared, etc. So I was in the other room, kind of looking for his toy, and I heard the end of a prayer that he was saying: "...please bless us, that Jakob can find his toy..." It was so sweet, and it made me so excited that his little seed of faith has started to grow, and that he thought to pray all by himself. I also said a little prayer in my heart, not necessarily to find the toy, but to help answer his prayer, so that he knows that Heavenly Father listens to him, even when it's over something that I would deem unimportant, but is very important in Jakob's little world. We found the toy half a minute later. I then told him that Heavenly Father helped him find his toy, and he said, "No, you helped me find my toy." I then explained that a lot of times Heavenly Father works through other people and other things in order to answer our prayers. We then said a thank-you prayer. I loved having that teaching moment.

And, unfortunately, we might have to have another teaching moment sooner than I would like. One night, Jakob asked, "Dad, does Lady Gaga have a lot of sex?" Pete answered, "Well, Jake, I'm not sure. Why do you ask?" Jakob replied with, "Lady Gaga is a hot woman. So she must have a lot of sex." Pete said, "Lady Gaga is not a hot woman. And, I don't think she's married, so she probably does not have sex, because only married people have sex." Aye, carumba. Not looking forward to that talk at all.

Ah, the joys and adventures of raising children.


Rachel said...

oh my, they grow up too fast. This is scary to me because Savannais his same age.

Mindy H. said...

Wow. Things are never, ever dull at your house. I hope Jakob remembers that beautiful prayer story. It will be a great one to share later on. And kudos to your hubby for fielding the Lady Gaga question so well. I think that when the time comes, you should go shopping and let him run "the talk". :)

amanda said...

Oh Mercy! The Lady Gaga thing is a little scary. I'm guessing his friends at school provided him with all those details...!!!!

Rachel said...

I almost wet my pants over Lady Gaga - that Jakob is just hilarious. And his letter to Santa was too cute.

Robin said...

So, after giving Justin the sex talk while out running errands one night, we happedned to come upon an ambulance. Justin said, "Maybe some woman is having her period." So obviously I had more explaining to do.

Karlenn said...

Oh, poor little Jakey. That little note made me so sad!!! I'm so glad he found his Bakugan. He's so hard on himself, the little man. And thanks for sharing the Lady Gaga story. Hilarious. One of my faves.

Mosers said...

That is so sweet... I wish we lived closer... I know 2 blocks is SO FAR AWAY but seriously... It would be nice to have other kids around that we know!!!

Anonymous said...

I started tearing up about the prayer. That is so sweet! I'm so glad some things are sinking in for him! I wonder with my boys! LOL I LOVE that note to Santa too! How funny!

Blaire said...

He's too young to know what sex even is! Way to go Pete, you handled it GREAT!!!