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The Nat Pack: The super fashionable, super mod, super hip family consisting of Nat, Pete, Jakob, Brock, Troy, and Ivy. Like The Rat Pack, only younger, cuter, and not as rich or famous.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Brain scattered.
Back hurting.
No drugs for three days. (Hooray!)

Ivy three stitches on chin/lip.

Bonked on couch.

Progress with potty.

More stickers than shown.
Very few accidents.
Still glad in Pull-Ups for now, though.

New blinds finally put up.
After 2 months.

Better late than never.
LOVE them.

Now curtain rod holes to fix.
Home ownership standard, I think.

Shopping done.
Christmas cards done.
Lots and lots to still do.
New "must do"s coming this way, every day.
Got Coke.
Should be okay, then.


Mosers said...

The blinds look great!!!! Wish you would have let me help put the lights ON the house... ;)

Janae said...

Poor Ivy! The potty training sounds like it is going good...I totally need to get Emy on that band wagon.

Karlenn said...

I'm glad the potty-training is going well! I need to come visit, stat. Poor little Ivy Lou. And your blinds look awesome! Coke will get us through this season, Nat. Coke is magical.

Momza said...

Well you are livin la vida loca aren't you?
Good thing you're writin all this stuff's like a day at the races! You might miss it!

Mindy H. said...

Your fragments are more thought-out and entertaining than most folk's compound/complex sentences. I hope the rest of your holiday goes smoothly and I join you in thanking the heavens for Coke.

Ulberich said...

I am impressed-you might have a future in poetry! Glad you are feeling a little better but poor Ivy! You are much further along than me it sounds like-I want to be done with my shopping!

megan said...

Poor Ivy! hope she's doing ok now! And yay for Troy boy!! That's so exciting that he's doing so well! I hope he keeps it up! I love the blinds, too. I need new ones... I'm just starting on my Christmas cards and sending out presents. UGH! I have a feeling this week will be crazy!!:P