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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Norm

I ran my washer and dryer nonstop from 9:30 p.m. Sunday night until 3 a.m. Monday morning.
Then I had it going nonstop from 9:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. yesterday.
This morning, I still had two loads to run.
(I really, really wish I was exaggerating about the sheer amount of fabric running through my machines. I should have counted the loads, but that would have been depressing.)

And now, I only have 5 or 6 loads waiting for me to fold. Which is actually how much laundry I end up having when we aren't sick.

Yep. That looks about right.


CHELZERS said...

oh nat. I'm so sorry. I feel your pain (only a little less, sorry). laundry sucks. mostly the folding and putting away part. i hope you are all feeling better!

Super Mom said...

Laundry day here too. Only have two more loads to go. But I make my kids put away their own stuff- I love chores!

Anonymous said...

I don't envy you at all!! UGH! I hate laundry! It used to be my favorite chore before we had kids and even when we only had one kid. Now it seems like we go through so many more clothes in one week! LOL Good luck with folding!

Karlenn said...

Oh, you poor girl. But your shelves look nice and organized behind the big pile-o-laundry... That's what I hate the most about when the kids have the barfies. Too much laundry.

Momza said...

Ohhhh the pain! How can I make this better for you? What can I say?
Yes it is a blessing that your family has as many clothing as they do, and yes, it is a blessing that you have a washer and dryer to take care of all that clothing...but wow! when all of it is needing to be cleaned at the same time that is such a pain!
What a good mom you are! Hang in there!

The Staker Family said...

Oh Laundry! Why does it seem like each child doubles the amount of laundry a family has? It is so much worse when the sickies come around!