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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Too Cool for School. Wait-Just Too Cool for Mom.

My cute Jakob started school on Monday. When I woke him up in the morning he had a big old grin on his face. He was so excited! He had picked out his clothes the night before in his head. But instead of wearing his new Transformers shirt like he said he wanted to, he changed his mind and wore an old ragged shirt that is stained and too small for him. Good times. But hey, he was happy, so whatever. (Incidentally, he hasn't worn a new shirt all week. *sigh*)
He also wore a jacket that's too small for him. But he wore his new shoes, of which he was so proud.

Arin and I took our now traditional first day of school picture by my really happy healthy dogwood bush:

They caught the bus, and off he went! When he got home he didn't seem very happy. I asked how his day went, and he said, "BAD. I couldn't find the right bus to come home on." (But hey, he found the right bus eventually, unlike last year.)

But I think other than that it went well, with as little information as I can get out of him. Our typical conversation: Me: Jake, how was school? Jakob: Good. Me: What did you learn about today? Jakob: Nothing. Me: Really? So you just sat there and didn't talk about anything? Jakob: (eye roll) Mo-om, I just went to school, ok-ay?

Then on Tuesday I asked him if he wanted me to wait outside with him for the bus, and he said yes. But while we were waiting, and talking, I said, "Jakob, I want a hug." And he goes, "Mom, not right now. There's a car coming, and they'll see." WELL, then.

I guess I kind of hoped that we wouldn't hit this phase yet-you know, the "my parents are such nerds, and don't touch me because it will be so embarrassing" phase. I knew it was coming, I just wanted it to come when he's 15-ish, not 6. I guess it's part of him growing up, and I have to let him. I just know I'll miss cuddling with him in the morning when he would come in to wake me up. And I'll miss being able to hold him and kiss him and hug him any time, or pull him onto my lap. But even though he's getting bigger and older and smarter and becoming too cool for me, I hope that deep inside he'll always know that I love him. And I hope that our relationship can change from the cuddly little boy phase to the kindred spirits/friends phase. Oh, how I hope.

Because I want this kid to be one of my friends forever.


Janae said...

I love the shirt!! Macie's first day of school outfit was pretty awesome today too. I just keep reminding myself...pick your battles.

Karlenn said...

He's already avoiding the PDA's? Nooo! It's too soon! Dylan just kind of looks down and blushes when I hug him in front of people. Hahaha. I love embarrassing him. I'm so NERVOUS about Dylan starting first grade next week! Seriously! What if he gets on the wrong bus???

Super Mom said...

You are a great mom! I love that you let him wear what he wanted to, even if it is not what you had in mind. I'm glad he made it home safely. Ethan never had any troubles with the bus, but it is very convienient to have them walking. It takes all of three minutes.

Ethan will still give me cuddles at home, but not in public. And mom kisses are definitely out. At least I still have my 2 girlies that don't mind mom in public yet.

Kristine said...

Oh that was a sad post :( Jakob is just too cute and growing way too fast!

Mindy H. said...

I'm so glad that I never had to ride the bus when I was little...I never would have found the right bus and would have been a basket case every single day!

Maybe Jakob will revert back to the "parents are cool stage" once school has been going for a while. It is really amazing to see the personality shifts my kidlets go through during the first month of school. But even if he stays anti-hug, I'm sure the two of you will still be best friends forever!

lexykay said...

jake is SOOO cute. dang i love that kid. i hope he'll want to be my friend growing up because he's a really rad kid. tell him i have all of his iron man and transformers pictures on my wall :D

Ulberich said...

How cute-I love how he changed his mind and wore a differant shirt! I bet it is comfortable! He seemed happy when I dropped Kenzie off! They definately grow up too quick! I have been a mess this week-I teared up when you talked about cuddling him! It is hard sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first week of school great?!:) I love that he wore a raggety old shirt and jacket instead of his new ones! LOL

They grow up too fast don't they? I secretly hope that my kids won't ever be embarrassed by me. I think I'm kidding myself!!

Anonymous said...
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Mosers said...

I am glad he had a good day! Yeah for school, I'm so glad it is back in session!!!!

jomama said...

he's so cute. i love that you let him wear what he wants. i'm a big fan of that, even though m. came out this morning in an outfit i found kind of crazy. the only thing i recommended was that she take off the huge flower headband that was competing with her yellow shirt, purple checked skirt, pink socks and star-print shoes. :)
i'm sure he'll always know that you love him.
p.s. the comment you left on my blog was HILARIOUS!