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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Swimming with Pikes

Jakob and Brock took swimming lessons the last two weeks. Their class was called "pike"; it's the very super beginners level, and as they haven't ever had lessons before, I figured that's where they should start.

They loved it, and they did great! Here's Brock with his teacher doing a back float:

Although, this is what Brock's lessons looked like most of the time (clinging onto the teacher for dear life):

He's just very unsure in the water, but by the end of the lessons he was doing a lot better.

And here's Jakob, my little fish:

Here's his back float:

His only problem was wanting to swim too much; when they were supposed to sit on the edge and wait their turn he would be wiggling around and splashing with the other kids. But near the end he got a lot better about that, too.

Well, Jakob passed onto the next level, but Brock didn't. I debated signing them up again this week, but another two weeks of sitting in the super hot, super humid upstairs room with my other two little wiggly kids didn't exactly appeal to me. Though I may sign them up this winter. Maybe the upstairs room won't be as hot or humid then. Because really, the swim lessons for my kids should be all about my comfort, right?


Aprillium said...

LOL understood. As far as the winter classes maybe you could let me know when they happen... if you know? I dunno... maybe I should go search their website :) I think EB would have fun with a "mommy and me" class and if it's suring when Missy and Goober are gone to school.. all the better! :)

Mindy H. said...

It looks like your little guys had a great time. Swimming lessons were always one of the highlights of my summer vacation. I think that the winter lessons are a great idea. There is something extra fun about getting to swim when it is freezing outside. And if you are bored with the hot and humid observation deck, I think the "mommy and me" class would be super fun for you and Ivy!

Karlenn said...

Yeah, I am dying up there in the observation area this week. And I can't see Sadie at all. Blah. Hey, I've seen that teacher around this week! I recognize her swimming suit. There is no way Sadie is passing Pike. The girl won't put her face in the water. :)

Momza said...

Winter is a great time for swimming lessons--it keeps the kids active and they sleep better!
Isn't it so neat to watch our kids learn something new? I love it!
You have sweet sweet children!

Super Mom said...

I am with you on the suffocating air up in the balcony area. Our indoor pool is like that too. But inside is better than hot in the sun outside and having to sunblock everyone. Winter sounds like a great time for swim lessons.

Kristine said...

Haha of coarse! Good job to your boys :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, of course it's about your comfort! :) I debated about signing my boys up, but I figured waiting another year would be fine. That's great that Jakob passed to the next level!