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Monday, July 6, 2009

Things I Haven't Done in a While. Or Ever, for That Matter. And, Why I Should be Famous.

Blogged. (Which is obvious.) As my excuse, I've been reading Harry Potter books. I've also been doing really exciting, bloggable stuff, like laundry, and scrubbing bathrooms. Yes, I live a life of constant entertainment. I'm surprised the paparazzi hasn't found me by now.

I let my two-year-old play with sparklers.

Look at that sweet little face.

And then, while we were trying to see the fireworks by the river from my front porch, I pulled a super great parenting moment and wasn't paying attention, and he grabbed the sparkler and burned his hand. The best part: as we were running him inside to get his finger under some cold water, an ember or something landed in his hair, and singed his hair off, and blistered his head. He'll have a sweet bald spot the size of a quarter for quite some time.


My kids are spazzy. Oh wait, that's a constant.

Jake, doing some kind of karate move.

Brock with his aunt Lex.

We went to the 4th of July parade. I go every year, yet it's really not my favorite thing to do. But the kids got candy, so who am I to complain?

Me, my boys, and Dylan.

I ran in a 5K. My first, and most likely my last. I'm a super wuss, and so out of shape. I didn't even run the whole time, either. My macho dad pushed my gimpy sister in a stroller thingy the whole way, too, and he was still outrunning me. On Sunday I swore that my legs were going to suddenly detach from my body, they hurt so bad. Good times.

My sisters, mom, and I got a pedicure. I should seriously do this once a month (I've only gotten a pedi maybe three times). They have seat massagers that massage your back while you're getting your feet pampered. Love it.

Kar and me, feeling the massage love.

I ate a Tootsie roll.

A Tootsie with my cute tootsies! I'm so clever.

Went to the zoo, with my cute sister Beej and her hubby Spencer (they visited this last week from New York).

Uncle Spencer with Troy boy.

My kids were being little lazy butts at the zoo, so they rode on Lexi's lap with her healing knee while my mom pushed them all.

Brock, who wouldn't smile for a picture with his new favorite aunt Beej until her back was turned.

Brock and Brianna.

Trying some new little hair ideas with Ivy's hair. She's a constant mover, so it's pretty hard. But we're trying.

The 'do.

Ivy from the front. The hairdo looked great from the back, but made her look bald from the front. Oh well-live and learn.
I also went to a drive-in movie, went up for an evening of girls' camp, and swam at Heise Hot Springs. But you would know all that if the paparazzi were following me.

Here's to new experiences, and fun summer things that I don't get to do very often!

And a slide show for those that want to steal pics:


Karlenn said...

You're all, "I haven't been doing much, but we did this and this and this and this..." I know it was a hugely busy week for me! Thanks for all of the pictures. I blognapped several. Muahahahaha!

Blaire said...

I love reading your blog, it makes me laugh and smile and feel happy feelings.

BTW, you can't have chris' secret BBQ recipe, but you can have the first franchise when we go national :)

Bammer said...

Thanks SO much for inviting us over for your fireworks, Nat. It was so nice (except for the Troy accident). It really helped me feel better after being SO sad. You and your cute, sweet family rock! I LOVE the slide show, but it doesn't show how hot and humid it was at the zoo. I thought I would perspire to death.

Momza said...

Busy busy summer for you ...just the way it's supposed to be!

suzy Q. said...

Sounds like you are having tons of fun this summer!! YAY! That's awesome! PS: I love the background!!

Jeff said...

This is Amy BTW---
Yay for fun summers! When did Jake lose his top teeth? Somehow I missed that. I think that Ivy has as much hair as K now, and she had a two year head start. Cute hairdo on Ivy. Your pedicure reminds me that I need to go and get mine. Jeff gave me a gc for my bday, and I still haven't gone. Too much fun going on here too.

Mindy H. said...

It was so great to see you and Kar over the 4th. We need Spencer and Brianna to visit more often so that we have more excuses to see each other!

Janae said...

You always make me laugh. Poor little Troy! That would have to hurt.

jomama said...

you always seem like you're having so much fun! and congrats on running your first 5k!

The Staker Family said...

I would just like to congratulate you on Ivy's hair. I can sometimes do a little pony in Lilly's but she screams and thrashes her head back and forth the whole time!

Kristine said...

Good times! I love the parade :) Its usually so hot though. Sorry about Troy's hair :( Poor kid. Love the pedi! Congrats on the 5K! That's something I never will aspire to do ;)

CHELZERS said...

laughing as usual.
That all sounds quite eventful, actually! Don't you just love those 'super parenting award' moments?? We ALL have them...I have them more than others, I fear... :/

Anonymous said...

Poor Troy! I've pulled a few of those stupid mommy moments where my kids get hurt because of me:P I hope he grows his hair back soon and that his burn is ok!! That's why we don't do fireworks. I know that at least Brynnan would get hurt!

Your kids are so cute! How fun that you were able to go to the zoo with your family:) We love the zoo! We'd go every day if the kids had a say. LOL

Beej said...

It was so much fun to hang out with you and your family while we were home. You have the cutest kids!

Poor Troy Boy and his head. That is just sad and funny at the same time. I wish we could have done those fireworks with you.

Thanks for coming to the parade. I know that it isn't your favorite but it was fun. And I think that Joyce really likes it.

And I'm super proud of you for doing the 5k! I wish you would consider doing it again. I think it would be fun for us to do it together next year.

I miss you and your family so much that it hurts. I hope that we can get home to see you guys soon.