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Monday, May 18, 2009

Winning Has Never Felt So Good. Really.

Friday I went to The Essence of You, and redeemed my massage package that I won! Yippee!

First I got my massage. (Oh, and the chocolate part? Yeah, it's just chocolate scented oils that they rub on you.) Then on to the facial, where I think I dozed off a few times because I felt my body jump. I enjoyed a brunch of a ton of yummy chocolatey treats. Then the manicure; I had the lady paint my nails a sparkly light pink. And then a lady that looked like Bryce Howard on the Spider-man 3 movie did my hair.

See? Don't I look all sorts of relaxed and buffed and primped?

And I even treated myself to a Quizno's sub afterwards.
And then I started feeling guilty.
Maybe it was because I never do that kind of thing for myself. Maybe it's because I was neglecting other things to take time out for me. I shouldn't have felt guilty. And hey, I won the dang thing, so I didn't even have to spend any money to do it! Maybe it's the mom in me-women tend to put everyone else and everything else before themselves.
But then again, the guilt feeling was probably a good thing, because I sorted through the toys and tossed the annoying or broken ones, then Saturday I swept out my garage, windexed and vacuumed out my cars, and cleaned up the yard a bit.
At any rate, it was a fun little spa day, and I'm glad it rejuvenated me. So, maybe I should do it a lot more often, so that I get a lot of little projects done afterwards. Hmm, the wheels are starting to turn...


Kristine said...

Oh so nice :) I am sad you felt guilty though! Haha..

Karlenn said... guilty feelings, Nattles. You deserve to do that once a week, seriously. Because you do so much for your kids and your home and your hubs. It is mom instinct to feel guilty, but try not to.

Aprillium said...

Spa = loads of productive things done? I say GO OR IT. That is SOOOOO a good enough justificating! and in fact it really kinda does even out now doesn't it? :D

jomama said...

i agree with previous comments, no feeling guilty! i'm so glad you had a fun day!

Bammer said...

Nat, you deserve it plus tons more. You should treat yourself to a spa day once a month! So should I.

breymom said...

That prize found it's way to the perfect person! So glad, that would be way fun.

Momza said...

Okay, words of advice from an old mom:
Whenever anyone gives you anything for free and it makes you happy,

No room for guilt here.

You deserve so much more for all you!

Amy said...

I'm glad you got away for a little bit. And you can't beat the FREE part of it. No guilt. Getting away for a little bit makes you a better mom. And you do look so refreshed and sparkly! :)