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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Books 101

* rap rap rap* Now, now, class, I know that it's almost the end of the semester, but we still have a few literary classics to go over. For instance, this beauty by the very famous Jakob, titled "Ironman". Notice his cover page. Even by itself it can tell a story. It shows how Tony Stark, in the middle, makes the Ironman suit on the right. But wait, there's more!

The first page sets the scene: Ironman is Tony Stark. Very straightforward, class. Jakob lets you know exactly who his characters are through (obviously) characterization. And to top it off, he has a picture of Tony. Such description!

On this page, Jakob starts building the plot: But he got in a suit. You can see Tony, in the suit, standing at the mouth of the cave. What attention to detail!

Then, tragedy strikes our protagonist: And he died. Not to be confused with "and he djed", which would be pronounced "duh-yed". Note the symbolism that Jakob uses here, with the blank page. Death means emptiness, a sparse future. Deep stuff here, class.

Then, hope for our main character, and furthering the plot: But he was Tony. Now he is Ironman. See how Jakob makes our hero grow, and change. And can you see the determination in Tony's face. He will not be defeated!

Then, Jakob says so much, without saying a word. Notice how he mixes up his literary usage, first with the page with only words; then, the page with only pictures. Jakob has the reader guessing at every turn. Will he become Ironmonger (on the left)? Will he become the evil that could be his? Or will he become Ironman (on the right)? Can he defeat Ironmonger? Or will he be something else (the question mark in the middle)? Notice how Jakob makes his readers think, and ponder. He twists the plot. The dramatic climax! The intrigue!

Then, Jakob pulls the story all together: Ironman is good. He shows him flying and jumping. A beautiful conclusion to his epic story!
Well class, that concludes our discussion on Jakob's "Ironman". Next semester, we will be discussing one of Jakob's earlier works, "Moo Cow".


Ralphie said...

What an amazing imgagination. I can't believe what he is doing already.

Becky said...

Natalie you and your kids are super adorable. I just love reading your posts!

Karlenn said...

Jake seriously has talent. His drawings are so well-done, and he actually cares about coloring in the lines. :) I'm trying to figure out "And then he died." I guess you can go really deep with that, like, "And then the old, jerky Tony Stark died, and a new, nice Tony Stark emerged from his ashes."

Momza said...

When/Where is the book signing?? Save me a place in line!

Mindy H. said...

Thank you, Professor Nat, for highlighting this emerging force in the literary world. I enjoyed your presentation a lot... and not just becuase I am a huge Iron Man fan myself. the author has a huge amount of talent. I am very much looking forward to your presentation of "Moo Cow." Author's early works have always been especialy fascinating to me.

Blaire said...

One word - Awesome!