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Friday, April 3, 2009

My Excuse

I totally stole this picture, because I'm too lazy to go take one myself. But this, my friends, is what it looks like outside our house at the moment, with more white glory coming down as I type. *sigh*

It's the stuff that's keeping us from traveling down to Utah this weekend. We were supposed to visit a friend that's moving, a friend getting married today, and lots of family. But alas, we'll have to postpone the trip for later, like when we wouldn't be risking our lives sliding around on the freeway.

I'll miss seeing you, Steph and Linds!


The Staker Family said...

very sad!

amanda said...

Oh wow. I'm shivering looking at it!

Layton Mom said...

Oh No! I am sorry that you didn't get to go. I guess better safe than sorry right. I am glad we chose to leave when we did. Maybe it will all melt before we get back. :)

Aprillium said...

Oh man, so glad you didn't travel in that insanity! I was seriously miffed.

That and the fact that jer stole my window scrapper so I had to heat up my van for, like, a half hour before going anywhere! :P

BTW you are totally welcome to steal my pics anytime.... though this one is kinda lamo :)

Steph said...

It's just no fun after January is it :p But I'm glad you didn't brave the storm. You can come see us any time in Portland!

Karlenn said...

Yeah, about half of our patients couldn't come in that day, because they drive up from the Twin Falls/Burley area. My office manager and I were just watching the snow climb up the windowsill... I heard that there's more snow coming this weekend. Grr, baby. Very grr.