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Monday, April 13, 2009

My Dirty Little Secret

I'm kind of sort of definitely maybe an extreme minimalist. I love things to be simple, and clean, and organized, and I hate having stuff around. That's what I love, but that's so not my reality. So when someone sent me a link to a blog called Organization for Real Life, my heart leaped for joy at having a soul sister out there. This chick, Mary, is having a blog kickoff with spring cleaning, which was desperately needed at my house. I'm in the midst of the cleaning; the start date was April 2 and the finish date is April 22.

Here's the list. I added a few things to it, like projects that I've been putting off. I'm not following her order exactly, which is why I printed it off.

I started with kind of an easy area: my downstairs hallway and linen closet (that doesn't actually hold linens). Yeah, that hallway is all of about 2 feet long. But it was good to start there, because it didn't take me very long, so I felt like I accomplished something and it gave me a good-feeling jump start. It also forced me to face the closet that I just kind of throw random things into, and got me to change my burned-out hall light bulb.

So here's the before shot:

And here's the after shot. I know it doesn't look like much changed, but Mary talks about keeping zones pure, where the same types of things are all bunched together. So now this "linen" closet is my crafty closet.

And since I had some of those crafty things in my laundry room cabinets, I moved them around and all together, and purged a few things that I knew I didn't need or use.

So here is my laundry room cabinets before shot:

And here's the after shot. Again, moved some stuff, condensed others, and I ended up moving the games from the upstairs closet to down in here.

I also did my upstairs coat closet. Here's the before:

And here are the guts. It really surprised me, seeing all the stuff pulled out and into a different area. I couldn't believe that my coat closet contents filled my living room. That's one thing they do on Clean Sweep, is pull everything out onto their lawn. It helps you look at the individual items, and really see and scrutinize each item before putting it back.

And here's the coat closet after shot. It also gave me a chance to put away the snow pants, which I hope doesn't curse us with more snow. One would think that the chances of needing snow pants in April are nil, but this is Idaho, my friends. (I haven't, however, put away the snow coats. Just in case.)

I've also found projects along the way, which is a very good thing. Like changing the belt in my vacuum, which had melted onto the brush part, which will work for now but definitely needs to be replaced. Vacuums work a lot better with new belts, in case you didn't know that, or were confused by that slight rubber burning smell.

Oh, and I totally want to repaint some areas, like the closets that were badly done. Or the stairwell, after I repair all the dings from the toys that get thrown down the stairs by the kids wanting to see some physics. But that will have to wait-I still have a bunch of rooms to clean.

So even though I got started a little late (I didn't start until the 8th), it will still be so nice to get everything deep cleaned and organized. Wish me luck, and good luck to all those that are taking on the challenge as well!


Trudy said...

You are wonderfull!1Now I'm inspired but also ashamed of how much I will find hidden away. Good Girl! Love ya, T

Aprillium said...

hey, all the stuff you are getting of... if it doesn't irratate you to dead to hold onto it, you are welcoe to add it to my "garage sale CRAP" and make a little moola if you want :)

Just a thought.

Karlenn said...

Ya know, I have been bitten by the spring cleaning bug lately. I have no rhyme or reason to it, but I'll just suddenly attack a project that has been bugging me for several months. I cleaned out the kids' toys - four garbage bags of just junk that needs to be thrown out, and three garbage bags of DI fodder. Aw yeah, baby. And we just re-organized the storage room. Now it looks like a little grocery store - aisles and aisles of kids' clothes. When we are done having kids, we will have nada in our storage room! I'm proud of you for organizing your closets. They look awesome. And I wanted to share that I got yelled at twice on Friday for my de-junking attempts - I had gotten rid of a pizza coupon for Pizza Hut, because I didn't think Ben would ever let us go there, and I got rid of a voucher for Hastings, because it said "Weeds" on it, and I knew Ben had watched all of those episodes. Well, apparently, it was just a general voucher, not necessarily for Weeds. Sigh. I'm always getting into trouble for my feng shui attacks. :)

Automobile Birdsinger said...

I am totally impressed. Perhaps your post will inspire me...doubtful...but perhaps!;)

Amy said...

Inspirational. Hopefully the inspiration will continue over until I get back from vacation. We did get a good start with the bed change up, but there is still a long way to go!

Momza said...

Oh I just love clean closets. I think I sleep better when my closets are clean. No kiddin'.

You've inspired me to go find a closet and purge it of all clutter!

Blaire said...

You go girl!

Mindy H. said...

Someday I shall follow your bright and shining example! I am now offically setting the goal for the start of summer vacation to walk where you have walked and sort where you have sorted...but for now I guess I will have to be content to wallow in disorganized clutter.

Janae said...

I have loved her blog too. It keeps me going each day and I love all the finished clean "zones" that I it is just keeping them that way!

jomama said...

sounds like you're doing great! i just wasn't ready to start when she started, but i'm hoping to do a spring-type clean soon. i'm an organization/minimalist freak at heart, too, although you'd never know it to look at the state of my house most days!

Paige said...

Organizing and getting rid of stuff is one of my favorite things to do! And I don't know if you checked my comment back to you on my blog, but GO FOR THE BATHROOM HOOKS! We love them. Ikea is good for what it is: low cost for mid-quality stuff. But you can find similar hooks and such at Home Depot. Good luck!