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Saturday, March 14, 2009

This One

Brock turned 4 on Thursday. What a cute not-so-little guy! He chose McDonald's for dinner and scarfed down his chicken nuggets. That night he got clothes, and t-ball stuff, and a movie, and a bike, and a Kung Fu Panda cake with an inch of frosting; it was a wonderful day.

You know, I realized that of all my kids, I probably blog about Brock the least. Jakob is experiencing so many "firsts" first. My baby Ivy is also in the "firsts" phase. And Troy is just always into stuff and doing random (usually messy) things.

And then there's Brock. Maybe I don't blog about him because of his temperament. He's just so...chill. He just sits back and observes. He's happy to watch his brothers doing stuff while he sits on the sidelines sucking on the fringe of his blanket. Or maybe it's because he's #2. Because Jakob is doing so much, and kind of takes the lead, Brock just goes along and follows. I'm the #2 in my family, and I think in some ways I just kind of did what my sister did, because that's what I knew. I also sat back and observed, and sucked my thumb instead of a blanket.

But that's not to say he doesn't have his own personality and his own likes and dislikes. Brock loves scary shows, so he begs Pete to show him clips of "The Grudge" and "The Ring", much to my chagrin. Lately he's been waking up at night, scared out of his mind. *sigh*

He has such a great memory of where he puts things. When he was little he hid my sister's glasses in a drawer, and the next time we went over there he went straight to the drawer and pulled them out again, after my sister and mom had searched the whole house over for them.

I used to sing "Little Brocky foo-foo" to him instead of "bunny foo-foo". I would tickle his tummy when I said "Doooowwwwnnnn came the good fairy..." He loved it.

One of his new phrases is "Mom, you'd better watch!", instead of a simple "Look!"

He's Mr. Justice. Once when I came out of the shower I discovered the house all awry, and Ivy's door wide open (she had been sleeping). I lined up the boys on the couch and lectured them on what shouldn't be done while I was in the shower. Afterwards, I asked them if I should give them spankings to help them remember, and Brock very emphatically nodded his head and said, "YES." He'd make a great judge.

He loves to get pampered and held. One day I started singing "I am a Child of God" and was rubbing his back. After I was done he immediately rolled over, and said, "Sing 'Twinkle Little Star'", and lifted up his shirt for me to rub his tummy. When I was done with that he flipped back over with another song request to get a massage to.

He's my healthy eater. He'll eat bread over candy, and fruits and veggies over sugary stuff. He prefers water to almost all drinks, except for Coke. That's my boy!

Brock's very trusting. Yesterday I took him to the doctor's office to have his wart on his chin frozen. The doctor had him hold out his hand and he blew the air thing really lightly onto his hand so that he would know what to expect. He gave the doctor the most trusting look, and when it came time to put it on his chin he held as still as a 4-year-old can, and kept giving the doctor and me that same trusting look. He's had that look since he was a baby.

Speaking of when he was a baby, when the nurses put him into my arms for the first time, I felt this overwhelming bond with him. I've felt that bond with all my kids, but not as suddenly strong.

He loves Kanye West songs, like "Love Lockdown" and "Stronger".

He's a super night owl. The kid is up until Pete and I go to bed. And he just hangs out in his room, playing with a couple of toys that he took to bed with him.

He has the cutest dimples as all get-out. LOVE them. He has crazy cowlicks in his hair that are really hard to cut.

All in all, I love my Brocky. I love the joy that he's brought into my life. I love how he's such a calm content little spirit. I can't believe he's 4!


Becky said...

I am such a cry baby. I totally welled up reading that. You are a great mom! I am proud to call you friend. And Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet Brock.

Jennifer said...

Looks like a great Birthday!

Amy said...

He's definitely growing up. I'm glad he had a good birthday, and I'm glad that you have at least one calm one. Hopefully he can bring some balance to the force at your house!

Kristine said...

That is so sweet! He's such a handsome guy :) Happy Birthday Brock!

Rachel said...

How sweet, isn't it crazy how they all come to us with such different personalities and temporaments. I find that my 2nd child doesn't get as much attention as my other kids. He is much more independant and just doesn't demand it. I don't do it on purpose, its just that the squeaky wheel gets greased.

Mindy H. said...

Happy Birthday Brock! He sounds just as amazing as his fan-tab-u-los mother! I'm sure he is going to love that beautiful tribute some day. Maybe you should keep a few copies handy when he hits the teen years to remind him how much you love him. Tweens and Teens can never be reminded of that enough.

Karlenn said...

What a great post. He really does remind me a lot of you, when you were little. But Troy looks how you used to look when you were little. :)

Mandy said...

Happy b-day little man. I love your post and you are a great mom!

Trudy said...

I'm not quite sure how you get everything done. But In know you are a wonderful little mom. Drew mentioned that you have a budding organist in the group - Love ya

Miranda said...

What a sweet tribute to your little man! Perfect Birthday!