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Monday, August 11, 2008

Roaring River Youth Jam

This last weekend my brother-in-law Mike and his family came up to visit. And once again, I'm a winner with the camera, as I got two blurry shots of Mike with his son Evan, none of his awesome wife Marci, and only a couple of Zack, their oldest son. Goooooo, ME!

Anyway, Friday we went to the Roaring River Youth Jam with them, my mom, and my sister Kar and her kids. They had all sorts of activities for kids to do, mostly painting, coloring, and crafting stuff. I really wish I had brought paint shirts for the kids, because I barely let my kids do the painting stuff for fear of them getting it everywhere.

My kids ended up making cards, coloring, making bookmarks, and getting their faces painted. They also had "drums"-garbage can lids and the like-set up for the kids to bang on. It was the perfect weather-not too hot with a slight breeze. We had so much fun! Brock even had a meltdown at the end because he wanted to stay and draw when we had to go. That was fun, too.

Here's a slide show of our adventures! Next year: paint shirts, better pictures, and starting there earlier to beat the lunchtime hunger.


Darling Details said...

We had a great weekend. Thanks for letting us invade for a few days. I hope you're feeling better and well rested. Thanks for the late night chats. We'll have to keep each other posted with our progress.
PS> there are pictures of us in the roaring youth jam post. Notice i don't have any evidence of our trip due to not even bringing my camera!

Karlenn said...

My goal for next year - find a way to leave Micah at home, and have Ben come, so that Ben can help one, and I can help another. Poor Mom had to keep helping me juggle all three of my kids, and I felt bad. :( And Marci, I'm going to e-mail you some pics of your kids, as soon as I can get my act together. Because I got some "evidence" shots of them last weekend!