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Monday, August 4, 2008

Me and Code: Oil and Water

I took a Java class in college. My first mistake was that it was at 7:30 a.m. Yikes. My second mistake was taking it from a new masters student from Hong Kong. I felt like I was learning 2 foreign languages at once: Chinese and Geek (sorry, computer guys, but you know it's true).

That's the only class I had to repeat in college. It was awesome. And I barely made it through the second time by the skin of my teeth. I think the next college professor realized I had no idea what I was doing, felt bad for me, and let me pass anyway.

So for me to change my background AND get three columns on my blog is a miracle unto itself.

I think I'll go reward myself with a Coke now, even though it's 10:30 in the morning. YAHOO for emotional addictions!

Update: Check out for help on doing fun things with your blog. They have great step-by-step instructions! Thanks, April, for the link!

Update part deux: Check out for awesome backgrounds. They also have great step-by-step instructions. Thanks, Amy, for finding this!


Mosers said...

Ok...I looked up the 3 column thing and tried to change the code... didn't work,.... I think it was the template I have on top of TCBOTB.COM link I had... you'll have to show me!

chelzers said...

so cute!! I'm always working on my new blog background. Do you know how to get a column to be stationary and not scroll?? Shot in the dark, but I thought I'd ask anyway! :D Looks great! I wish i would have taken a class...

Karlenn said...

Good work! And cute new template. I'm scared to do anything to mine. Maybe in a few months I'll be brave enough to change my template and attempt the three-column thing!!

April said...

GREAT JOB!!! looks wonderful!

mmmm... copying IS the truest form of a compliment...right? ;o)

April said...

ok and WHAT was the name of the site for adorable backgrounds again? if you don't mind sharing of course! :D

suzy Q. said...

Nat, I love your new background! It is soo cute!!

chelzers said...

hellllllppppp meeeeeeeeee!!
I am dumb.
Trying to add a third column but can't get it to work right. It's really frustrating because normally I'm semi-savvy when it comes to these things. I followed the step-by-step thing on the 'tips' website and got a whole bunch of new problems. Email me and I'll give you my test blog address.

Vila said...

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