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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Every Second, Part 2

Troy has such a sweet, innocent face. You'd think just looking at him that he would be a perfect little angel, only playing with the things he's supposed to.
But, I'm his mom. So I know differently. I'm glad that he used the permanent marker on the inside of the cabinet door only, and the wash off marker on the outside.

And here's a video of our Houdini, performing his newest stunt of climbing out of the crib. We'll be investing in a big boy bed sometime this week.


Anonymous said...

Parenthood...Never a dull moment!

Mosers said...

Ok...trick I learned....straight alcohol will take that permanent marker off, just rub it off with a dark towel... if it doesn't work glove up and use a mr. magic eraser! I had to do that to my kitchen chairs once! Let me know if it doesn't work! It should because the cabinets have a smooth coating on them...

Karlenn said...

Ah, I love that kid! He is so very pleased with himself!! I was thinking of him as I watched Men's Gymnastics on the Olympics this week. :)