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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Sometimes...when something is less expensive, it's because it really is cheap.'s better not to clean.

Sometimes...when something is labeled "dry clean only", even though it's cotton, you should dry clean it instead of opting to wash it in the machine.

Sometimes..."all I need is the air that I breeeeathe, and to looooove yoooouuuu."

Sometimes...air drying is the better choice.

Sometimes...drapes decide to have a mutiny and try to display their owner's personality (dorky).

Sometimes...six inches shorter makes a huge difference.

Sometimes...I wish companies would pre-shrink their fabric.

Sometimes...when you decide to wash one set of drapes, you should wait and see what the result is before washing the back window set, instead of doing them simultaneously.

Sometimes...the back set shrinks as much as the front set. just have to "embrace the awkwardness". (Thanks for the phrase, Suz! I need to embroider that on a pillow; it's my life's motto.)


Mosers said...

:) I've done that!!!! My back window has fabric drapes but they were actually too long... so now they are about an inch above the floor...I tried standing on one end after washing them and stretching them from the other end... pointless... but it works on jeans!

chelzers said...

oh sad. but funny. :) totally a 'josie' moment. my days are completely made up of those. but they don't look that bad, really

Karlenn said...

Aw, dang!! That sucks! Shame on you for being clean!! I would say "that's happened to me," but I don't have drapes yet. :) Need them badly. We live in a fish bowl.

suzy Q. said...

at least the front and the back drapes are now the same height, so it won't be as bad...people will just think that they are supposed to like that. And, you can always tell people you are starting a new fashion trend.

Amy said...

I did the same thing to our blue tab top drapes that cover our back sliding glass door. Sorry- I wasn't blogging then or I would have warned you. You'll get used to the shortness. And one big bonus- easier to vacuum under them. No worries of getting the end of the drapes sucked up! If you are into vacuuming that is.