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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mona Lisa Smile

The other day I blogged about Ivy in this post. And I short-changed her, saying there wasn't much to say. Because really, every newborn has their own little things that they do that make them unique.

For instance, this body position, a.k.a. the flip-top head:
I totally think she did that while in the womb, and that's probably what made my legs/nerves/ligaments hurt.

She smiles more and more, but I can't quite catch it on camera. Hence the Mona Lisa allusion. Ivy will be all smiles, but by the time I get the camera, she's done. Or she'll smile and then when she spots the camera, she stops and gets a curious "ooooh" look on her face as she stares at it. So, here's what I've caught smile-wise thus far:

So, not really smiling, but you can tell she's happy.

She loves her tongue. She must be related to her brothers and dad! They all stick out their tongues. Jakob and Ivy have done it the most.

Tummy time? Forget it! Ivy's good for a couple of minutes, if someone is down in front of her. But then she's like, "This sucks, you guys!"

But she adores her brothers. These next shots were taken right after the "I hate tummy-time" shots. And the boys all love her. Sometimes too much. I have to tell them "back away" or "give her some room" or "she's sleeping, leave her alone" a lot.

(This last shot? THAT'S why I'm a mom.)


suzy Q. said...

That last picture is ADORABLE!!!! Ivy is sooo cute! She is getting big so quick! Craziness! I love your kids, they are all so cute and way too smart for their own good.

Becky said...

So cute!!!

Mosers said...

I love that last picture of all three of them ohhing and awhing over her. She' going to have a hard time dating when she's older with 3 big brother, or else visa versa :( !!! Adorable post, I love it!

Karlenn said...

I wonder what it would be like to have a baby that even looks at you?? :) Micah is too busy being ticked all the time to look at me or be peaceful. Ivy is such a doll. And I love what baby-lovers your boys are. So cute.

Amy said...

Ahhh, the Petersen tongue! I love the picture of all four of them. They do make it all worthwhile sometimes don't they.

Kristine said...

So cute Nat! I'm glad you like being a mom today ;)

idasale said...

That last pic totally brought tears to my eyes! I love how amazing children can be with their brothers and sisters!!!! You have some really beautiful children!!!