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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Sunday, July 27, was my 29th birthday!
I was sick and had a gimpy leg, but it was still a good day. (More about the leg later. Or maybe it's earlier since posts go up as most recent. But I'll be writing about it later...) My mom made hamburgers and potato salad for dinner-my favorite! We had brownies instead of cake because we get caked out with birthdays so close (Troy's and Jakob's are right after mine, all within two weeks). We didn't think of candles, so my dad found some long matches and shaped them into an "N". I'm glad, because half had burned out before I got to blow them out, and my sore throat/cough prevented me from getting a deep breath blow. And then I got to share my germs with everyone by blowing on the brownies.
Here's an awesome slide show of my day. I don't have any pics of my gifts because my camera batteries died before then. I'm waiting for Kar to post about my birthday (ahem) so I can steal her pics. I got a printer/scanner/photocopier from my parents, "So I Married an Axe Murderer" DVD from Pete, "Muppet Treasure Island" DVD from Brianna, taken out to lunch last week from Lex, some fudge from my mom, and happy birthday notes from friends. (Facebook is finally good for something!)

A few notes:
Brock is half-naked in one picture. He had pooped in his undies, and I remembered Pull-Ups but not pants. Pete stripped him down and hosed him off, which he hated. And, coincidentally or not, he hasn't had an accident since. He also hasn't pooped since, either, but hey, less mess for me to clean up.
Dylan rode a long board down the driveway with his dad, and totally ate it! He got a fat lip complete with blood blister, and a huge scrape on his eye. Poor kid!
Ivy has a mohawk, because I'm too lazy after bathing her to try and style her hair. Her brothers had mohawks at the same age because that's how our kids' hair comes, I guess. It's "Awe-sahm!", as Troy would say. Or maybe he'd call it "Svweet".

So, I wish I wasn't sick, or that my leg was okay on my birthday, but it could have been worse!


Mosers said...

I just love reading your blog!!! I hope you had fun the other night, I was feeling pretty bummed I couldn't go... But, I usually miss out on things because of work....How was Mama Mia? Happy birthday Nat! I hope you get feeling better!

Arin said...

I was going to bring you dinner on Sunday since you were sick on your b-day! But, you weren't home and now we will be eating it for dinner tonight. I guess I should have called first or thought about the fact that you would probably do something with the fam. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right!

Karlenn said...

Alright, alright, I'll post 'em tonight! (Even though it will be out of order of my life, since I haven't posted stuff from two weeks ago. It's going against my OCD nature to do this for you! But I love ya, so... that's what sisters do - overcome their OCD for each other. :)