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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Writing's on the Wall

Well! That will teach ME to do something as selfish as use the bathroom and check the mail!!

Usually my boys are pretty good about coloring on paper, so I really don't know what possessed Brock to color the ENTIRE wall. (Hmm, I'm tired of looking at white. Let's do some turquoise here, some brown there...Perfect!)
But at least he was a really good sport about cleaning it up. Even when I told him that he was done, he said, "No, I'm cleaning!" Our wall still kind of has a bluish tint to it-maybe that was the effect he was going for in the first place.


Mosers said...

You are so good about it, I think I would have grounded them for life and thrown away my crayons! I'm dramatic at times too! Maybe that's why my girl is so dramatic.

April said...

Aren;t magic earasers so handy. i love that kids can use them.

Arin said...

That is totally something Jayce would do. Gotta love em right?

Anonymous said...

Oh Man, I have found a line here and there on different walls in my house. (I have yet to clean it, I am waiting to catch my artist in the act).

Isaac said...

At least he didn't throw a dozen raw eggs at the walls.

Karlenn said...

A dozen raw eggs? Dang!! Yeah, as you remember, I've experienced crayon and marker fun times, as well. I need to buy a magic eraser for a few different places in my house.