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Monday, June 2, 2008

So Bee It

Today we had our first T-ball game.

What, no pictures of this milestone? What kind of mom ARE you?

Um, yeah, I was one of the ones running around trying to get the kids going in the right direction. Oh, and I was carrying Troy and holding Brock's hand while doing it.

Oh. So, you're the coach?

Well, no, I'm not. I'm the unofficial assistant coach. I have a cool T-shirt; does that count?

Kind of. Only if it looks good on you.

Uh, not really. It's yellow. Because we're the Busy Bees. Cute for the kids, not the best color on a strawberry blonde, super fair-skinned person. And it's really long and baggy, because apparently the city people think that all the mom coaches are the same size as sumo wrestlers. I'm going to have to do a little choppity-chop sewing job on it.

And how does that help your skin tone? I've seen your legs, and nearly got blinded.

How about I wear jeans the whole time.

I guess that helps. Are you a good coach?

Unofficial assistant coach. Um, I know about 5 kids' names. Um... and I didn't trip over any of them while carrying my 22-month old.

Wait, I thought you just had a baby. Why weren't you carrying her around?

She slept in her seat the whole time on the sidelines. And Brock cried the whole time. And Troy thought he was super important, like always, and kept running to hit the ball too, hence the carrying.

So, it was a normal fiasco event for you. That's all you had to say. How did Jakob do?

Sad to say, he had more fun going to the dentist this last Friday than he had playing T-ball. How does that work?

Don't ask me. He's your kid.

Well, I think it will just get easier and more fun as the season goes on.

Yeah, we'll talk again when you have an 8:30 game.

Oh yeah...


Arin said...

I think you are a great unofficial assistant coach. I couldn't do it without you. I want pics too but not only was I too running around like a mad woman, my camera has seen its last days. Something about dropping it not being good for it. Oh yeah and the kids playing with it. :) I keep hearing from moms about their kids experiences today and I wonder what game I was watching because I thought everyone did great. Was I really that oblivious?

Amy said...

What no camera? I can't imagine that you have anything else to be thinking about. Three boys, new baby, posting witty blogs.... You are way more adventurous than I to be even attempting such a feat. So congratulations to you and Jakob! I don't think that Ethan did soccer until Erin was two, and even then there were not two other littles to watch after. Take it easy on yourself wonder woman- you are making the rest of us look like slackers!

Mosers said...

I think it went well, nothing goes smooth with kids, besides they had fun! Or at least everyone except my drama queen did! I need your e-mail address so I can invite you to our blog! Here's mine !!! (private blog)

Karlenn said...

Hey, Nattles, I'll post my pics from the game, and then you can paste them on your bloggy-blog. They're not very good, because I was watching...four or five kids at the time, but I tried.

April said...

I will take pics when I'm there...I promise!!!! Now if only my daughter will get past the fever and stupid pukies.... UGH.