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Monday, June 23, 2008


Once upon a time, there was a young man named Pete. He was a super awesome college student at Utah State University way back in 2000. He met a fabulous woman that year (yep, that would be me), and they hung out with all their roommates and friends. After a long time full of girlfriends, stupid missionaries, and instant messaging, they finally got their act together and got married June 21, 2002. They married in the Logan temple, and continue to live happily ever after!

Yep, it's been 6 years since Pete and I got sealed. We celebrated this fine milestone by doing all these totally romantic things together, like Pete mowing the lawn and me going to the store.
But actually, we got to go to the temple on Friday. Neither of us had been there for a LONG LONG time, sad to say. It was really refreshing, as always, and so wonderful to be there with my awesome hubby.
Then Saturday we went to "Get Smart" (super funny!) and ate an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse (I love their Ranch dressing!). Then that night we watched "Somewhere in Time". Pete said, "That movie SUCKED!" And of course I loved it, because I'm a sappy chick that way.
Pete, you're a wonderful guy, and once again, I'm glad you're mine! Thanks for six wonderful years!


April said...

Grats! and happy anniversary!!!!

Karlenn said...

Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,
Happy Anniversary,
Haaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary!!
(Picture the people in So I Married an Axe Murderer singing that to you.) Okay, you'll have to alert Pete to the only cheesy aspect of Kar - I actually really like Somewhere In Time.

Mosers said...

Yeah, Happy Anniversary! It was my sister and brother in laws anniversary yesterday too! :)

Mosers said...

Yeah, Happy Anniversary! It was my sister and brother in laws anniversary yesterday too! :)

Kristine said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I want to see Get Smart :) Glad you liked it! And I LOVE TX Rdhse rolls with their cinnamon butter - YUMMY! :D Sounds like you had a fun stretched out anniversary.

lexykay said...

i might be getting a job at roadhouse! one of my friends works there and i asked if they had any openings... he was going to see. but that would rock because i'd probably make more money there than at fridays... plus i could bring home all the delightful rolls in the world! anyhoo, i can't believe you've been married that long! that makes me feel mega old.... i still remember sweating like a pig in my bridesmaid dress in that cute downtown place.

chelzers said...

Happy six years! I feel bad I forgot the date, but these days, that's not unusual. :S
I made Tony watch Somewhere in Time a couple weeks ago and he had a lukewarm response. His exact words were, "Huh. That's different than what I expected."
Oh well. I LOVE it still! :D Glad you had a good day.

Remember our triple date in Logan? Random I know. Just reminds me of you and meeting Pete and going to your wedding and all that came rushing back! Good times.