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The Nat Pack: The super fashionable, super mod, super hip family consisting of Nat, Pete, Jakob, Brock, Troy, and Ivy. Like The Rat Pack, only younger, cuter, and not as rich or famous.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More Ivy

A “poisonous” plant that can cause an itchy skin rash. A League of schools whose degrees are worth their weight in gold. A decorative plant that climbs up walls. An apparatus used to administer a fluid intravenously. The Roman numeral “4”. In a song with Holly. What little lambs eat. OUR DAUGHTER!

Hey, it's Nat again. I daresay that Pete did an amazing job of filling everyone in on the birth of our girl. Just a few side notes for ya:

She was 6 lbs. 13 oz., right in line with our boys. (Jake 6 lbs. 11 oz., Brock a hefty 7 lbs. 1 oz., Troy 6 lbs. 12 oz.)

She was 20 inches long, 1/2 an inch longer than all our boys were. Maybe she'll be one of those mile-long leg chicks when she grows up.

Yes, we realized her initials are IMP (a mischievous fairy). Her middle name, Marie is a combination of her two grandmothers' names: Marianne + Cheri. My middle name is a combo of my two grandmas' names, Jetta + Nellie = JeNell. We thought that would be a cool thing to pass on. And now you know!

Her brothers LOVE her. Love, love, love her. They can't get enough! But neither can Pete nor I. She's such a cutie! She loves to eat already, and I hope she packs on the chub fast, because I love baby chub. She already has the cheeks going, which gives me hope that she'll get and keep cheeks like Brock has. I still pinch his cheeks every day; he may end up having cheek issues when he gets older.

Well, I'm getting somewhat loopy, so I'll just put up some pictures, because that's what you really want, huh? And I aim to please.

So tiny! Pete won't let me put up any pictures of him with Ivy yet. He needs a haircut and shave very badly, so right now he's kind of a hairy beast. Maybe tomorrow after his haircut. P.S.-those are "newborn" size clothes, and they're drowning her!

Jakob has been the most aware of his baby sister coming. He started crying when he found out he wouldn't be taking her home that first night.

Here's the big helper again, feeding Ivy.

My mom and dad with Ivy. (Mom, if you want this or any of these pictures, I can show you the really easy way to copy them straight from the blog.)

Troy loves the "bee-bee"!

Brock is already so protective! He was the same way with Troy when he was born. He grabbed on and wouldn't let go. He constantly wants to hold her.

The good big older brothers. I feel bad for any future suitors-those guys will have a tough time getting through the three older brothers.


Jennifer said...

Congrat's! She looks adorable. We hope things continue to go well. What great brother's she has!

Kristine said...

So sweet Natalie! I love the last line about future suitors! It will be fun to watch her grow with those big brothers :)

Amy said...

It is so cute to see her with her brothers! Congratulations again! We got to go see Jack last night at the hospital. He is a cutie too with lots of hair. Hopefully they can be good friends and cousins. I can't wait to meet her in person!

Arin said...

She is a doll and your boys are so cute with her. It will be good for her future suitors to have to go through a few brother tests.

Karlenn said...

That is really fun to think about - how she will relate with her brothers when she's older. It will be fun to watch them grow up together.