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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dirt Devils

They must have heard, "GO play in the dirt",
instead of "DON'T play in the dirt."


Karlenn said...

Ya know, there's something to the fact that boys' clothes are dark. It really helps to cover up dirt! I can't even tell that they're dirty! But I can tell they've been drinking kool-aid. :) Hey, do you want to come over and scrapbook Saturday night? Do you have any left to do? Scrapbooking nights with you are helping me get so much more done.

April said...

lol..... yeah that is what they heard! That's what a kids brain does.... transposes in a odd dislexic backward way!

bammer said...

I think there must be a magnet between little boys and dirt. They can't help themselves-dirt + boys just happens!

Arin said...

I think my kids hearing works the same as your kids hearing. They almost always do the opposite of what I ask. I am not quite brave enough yet to say, go play in the dirt, for fear that as soon as I did they would begin to actually do what I say!