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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Birthday Babe

Yesterday was Kar's birthday. YAHOO! We went over to her house and played games, then ate really yummy cake made by Chef Ben.

A couple from their ward also came over, Patty (I think!) and Ken. They don't have kids. And I think after watching my kids and Kar's freak out about wanting to blow out the candles, and having to sit in specific chairs, and running in and out of the house, and yelling and screaming about who-knows-what (you know, the normal kid stuff), I don't think their child status will change any time soon. Bless their hearts for hanging out with us anyway!

Pete squeezing Troy:

Brock with a Blue Power Ranger:

Dad, Troy, Sadie, and Kar with Kar's camera:


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to Kar! I had no idea she was my same age. Fun times! I know what you mean about scaring people off with no kids... if we only knew how it would be would we do it again? Probably, but I think that I'd take a trip to Europe first!

Karlenn said...

I'm so glad you got some more pictures! I was just not in a picture-taking mood that day. Thanks, Frank Banks!