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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Plentiful Puke

Yes, my friends, I have sunk to a new low and am now going to blog about bodily functions. I will however spare your eyes and not put pictures on this post. Fair enough?

The last few days I've been up to my elbows in all sorts of lovely fluids. Troy started us off Thursday morning when I went to get him and discovered that his entire crib was covered in dry red glory. We had eaten Red Vines the night before; hence the color. But in order to clean that mess up I had to find my kitchen sink that was buried underneath all the dishes that I never want to do. (Even though I don't have a million dollars, maybe I should hire a maid...hmmm.) So I do the dishes, and then the sheets. Troy also decided to projectile vomit all over me that morning, which was pretty exciting. But he was acting better after his super nap, so I thought we were past the fun.

Little did I know the fun had just begun. Jakob was next on Thursday night, though he runs to the bathroom now to barf. However, he kind of missed, so I had to clean the toilet at 12:30 a.m. But hey, now my toilet is clean for another however many weeks, pretty much until I start gagging when I walk by the bathroom. He got up one other time that night. Then Brock must have felt left out, so Friday night he puked, too. Gotta love it. Then, to polish off my week, Troy began again with the runs and the barfies. And Brock still has the runs.

BUT, on the plus side, I'm not sick (knock on wood for me!), and my laundry is done about 100 times over. And Brock is still in diapers, so I haven't had to deal with more than the side blowout or the top blowout. Still, I wish there was some kind of babysitting service for when your kids get sick.

"Do your kids have the flu? Tired of you and your house smelling like a sewer? Want to go to a day spa and get a massage instead of cleaning up barf? Well now you can with our fabulous new program! Just dial 1-800-NOMORPUKE. We'll come to your house in no time and send you on your carefree way." Heaven bless the person that decides to work at such a company!


suzy Q. said...

Nat! You are the bestest best mom I've ever heard of! I hope you have a great day!

Amy said...

Ohhh, I have so been there! Most recently- let's see- three weeks ago! At least you have been spared so far. And now you are caught up on laundry. Hang in there Nat!

April said...

Oh! Poor Mommy! It's times like these that truely make us all wish for spring and the end (ok at least the slow down) of endless pukefests. This year has been NASTY. I am still crossing my fingers HOPEING that the pukies pass up our house...

Karlenn said...

Dude, I am so sorry. And that thing about finding your sink underneath your dishes - that is sooo me. Example - I always have to do dishes so that I can cook, because the dirty dishes have always overtaken the sink and taken over my very meager counter space. Or, I can't run a load of laundry until I can fold the clean laundry, thus freeing up the laundry basket to put recently-dried clothes into, thus freeing up the dryer to put recently-washed clothes into, thus freeing up the washer. Sheesh.