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Thursday, February 7, 2008

VOOM Revisited

Yesterday started out to be one of THOSE days. Tears from my oldest about preschool. Running away from my youngest when I say "Come here". Dawdling from my #2. Grrr. And of course, we were in a hurry. It snowed AGAIN, and the people that plow our road just push a huge lump to the sides of the roads, meaning huge lump in front of our driveway. By the time I saw said lump, I was stuck in it. The plow guy was working on the other side of the street and saw me, and I scowled and said naughty words in my head about him. But he stopped, and my neighbor came out too and they pushed me out. Then I was on a quest for my own personal Voom, a.k.a. a snowblower.

And guess what? Apparently everyone else wants this brand of Voom, because EVERY store in our entire city is sold out. There's not one snowblower to be had. I said more naughty words in my head at the people I saw that already owned snowblowers and were making snow removal so easy for themselves. No off-roading, please let me make it to my garage praying, carrying my kids through the now three foot deep lump because there's no way to even enter my driveway experiences for them. More naughty words.

BUT...Voom came to me yesterday, in four different forms. #1: fudge. Okay, it doesn't remove snow, but it boosted my mood considerably. I've been craving a specific kind found at Sarah's Candy Cottage called Black Dutch chocolate fudge. Oh, mama. This is the best fudge to be found. I bought a pound of it, knowing it wouldn't last very long in my household of chocoholics. Okay, so I always cut the biggest slice for me, but the boys and Pete have helped to already deplete the supply.
#2: my neighbor Arin. She's so stinking cute! She and her kids came out and started shoveling the lump for me. I came out and said she didn't have to, and she said she "needed the exercise". Yeah, right, the skinny thing! Mostly she's just a good neighbor, and we're very lucky to live next door to her and her family. I don't know if they feel the same way about us, but I'm pretty sure they'll get sent straight to heaven with all the service they've performed for my family.
#3: Mom and her snowblower. She heard my sob story and came to the rescue with her machine. And even though she had a major surgery 4 weeks ago, she insisted on snowblowing my entire driveway while I tried to look like I was helping. I did provide ear muffs. But she got our driveway cleared to the ice layer. Thanks, Mom! I've realized that, even as an adult, you'll always need your parents, and I'm so lucky to have such amazing ones.
#4: Ice Melt. This stuff works pretty good. I sprinkled this salt-like stuff over our whole driveway after the snowblowing, and it lived up to its name and started melting the ice. Of course, it will take a lot more of it to get rid of our rink, but it made a slight dent. I was pleased as punch by yesterday afternoon.

Of course, today the snow has returned and drifted. But at least I've combatted the elements (with a lot of help) once; maybe doing it again today or tomorrow won't be so bad.


April said...

I too second the whole needing the parents, chocolate, and good neighbors. Wish we had some Ice Melt! I do have a "Voom" but it wasn't our doing, it was the In-Laws EXTRA!? Why in the world they had 2 perfectly good snowblowers is beyond me ... though I'm very glad that they did. If we didn't I promise our drive would NEVER get cleared! Jer is too tired by the time he gets home and I am pushing it leaving my kidlets inside while I take the time to clear it now, let alone with a shovel like last year! Good luck with finding a snowblower, maybe ordering one online might give you better luck for aquiring one. I know that is the only way we got an AC unit in the middle of summer. :) I will stop my rambling now... :)

Karlenn said...

April's idea is good!! Ordering one yeah. I'm kind of proud that I introduced you to Black Dutch Chocolate Fudge. Yay me!! I want a snowblower SO BADLY right now. My back hurts from shoveling. And I love the "naughty words in my head" thing. I need to be better - I usually say the naughty words outright! :)

Arin said...

I really did need the exercise! What's so wrong with doing a nice thing for a preggers neighbor? I think we are pretty even on the whole service thing anyway so we can both go to heaven. (and be neighbors ;) )

Isaac said...

Enjoyed the blog. I almost have forgotten what snow is and the chores associated with the accumulation of snow. This is simply because of where I have lived for the past several years. I was recently reminded of snow during my days in Kyrghistan and Bagram, Afghanista. However, I left Bagram for a Jalalabad and I am in one of the areas that does not recieve those amounts of snow. Lucky me.

I too am grateful for the people and chocolate which take care of my pregnant wife while I am unable. Your neighbors, chocolate fudge, Mom, and ice melt rock! These people and substances will be found in least in the heaven I want to go to.

Good luck finding a new VOOM!!! Meanwhile, enjoy goodhearted people who want to help the preggos of the world live an easier existence.

Later, Isaac