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Friday, February 22, 2008

Ode to Jakob

You know what’s funny? When I said “Ode to Jakob” in my head, it sounded like “Eau de Jakob”, as in a cologne. Just as long as the essence isn’t taken from his morning breath, because dang, it would be unfortunate. I’ll have to warn his future wife. But on to the purpose of my post.
Have you ever loved someone so much, and you think, “This is as far as I go. This is as much as I can possibly love this person because I love them so much”? And then he does something so awesome that it makes you love him even more, or you look at him and realize that you love him even more just because he exists. In the last couple of days that has been my Jakob. He’s just so dang cute!

I love Jakob because he plays with his brothers really well, he’s really obedient, he’ll cuddle with me in the morning when I don’t want to get out of bed yet, and he’ll run errands for me (“Jake, will you get me a diaper for Troy?”). Yesterday he was bored, his brothers were asleep, and I was cleaning bathrooms and he wanted to help, so I had him wipe the tub. He did a decent job. He wrote his name for the first time a week ago, and I was so proud! He can color for hours. And he catches flies with his bare hands. What’s not to love? And he’s at the age (4 ½) that he says tons of funny things.
The aforementioned fly

“Jakob, your shoes are on the wrong feet.” “Mo-om, it will be okay!”
“Mom, are you crazy?” “Yep, are you?” “Uh, no.” (Duh, Mom!)
“Dinner’s ready!” “Is it yummy dinner or yucky dinner?”
“Brock hit Troy, so I hit Brock, because he shouldn’t hit.”
“Mom, I don’t think that baby in your tummy is very nice. She makes you sick.”
“I’m going to be a good big brother. I’m going to hold her and feed her.”
“Brock, look at my tasty bum!” (Now I have no idea where that one came from, but whatever floats his boat, I guess.)

He even figured out how to clone himself. He’s practically perfect!


Arin said...

Such a funny boy you have! I hope you are feeling better. (A better neighbor would have known you were sick and brought you chicken noodle soup)

Karlenn said...

The tasty bum is my favorite. Jake is so sensitive. Dylan sees me barfing and yells, "Mom, I want some chocolate milk RIGHT NOW!! Hurry up!!" Mean little thing. Oh, and Arin, what will always make Nat feel better is Black Dutch fudge from Sarah's Candy Cottage. Or a ham sandwich from Mrs. Powells. Those two things perk her right up. :)

mom said...

All of your boys are wonderful, as are all of my girls!