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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

100 Things... may not know about me. I'm tagging: Kar, Beej, and Arin!

1. I love the Beatles, but not all their songs.
2. I love my oven; I hate my dishwasher.
3. I am a (skin) cancer survivor-Basal cell carcinoma; wear your sunscreen!
4. I love spring flowers like lilacs, tulips, and irises.
5. Sometimes I don’t like attending relief society, especially during 1:00 church.
6. I wish I had a water softener.
7. I wish I could do back handsprings.
8. I was really shy as a kid, really outgoing in high school/college, and reverted back to shyness after marriage.
9. I make my boys play with my hair because it feels really good.
10. I don’t like baths; I love showers.
11. I shave my legs, like, twice a month in the winter.
12. There are some really common foods I hate, like olives, tomatoes, mushrooms, and pineapple.
13. There are some foods that I like okay, but the mess isn’t worth it to me to eat them (Oreos, oranges, Cheetos).
14. I will probably die of cancer (the genes are against me).
15. I hope I don’t lose a child, physically or spiritually.
16. I love that my kids are so self-entertaining.
17. I worry I’m not hands-on enough with my kids.
18. I loved high school and college.
19. I want to be a Certified Financial Planner and work from home someday.
20. If I don’t do that, I want to be a professional organizer, like on Clean Sweep.
21. Coca-Cola and cranberry juice are my two favorite drinks.
22. I hate cleaning toilets.
23. I would have a maid, but I’m too cheap to afford one.
24. I hate shopping. With a passion.
25. I don’t pray often enough.
26. I don’t have any cavities, and I’m a little vain about it.
27. I used to hate my hair color when I was little, but now I love it.
28. I’ve never dyed/highlighted my hair.
29. The first time I wore a bikini was on my honeymoon.
30. I used to want to be tan, but now I don’t care.
31. I hate wearing lipstick and always worry it’s on my teeth when I do wear it.
32. I still get nervous playing the organ in church on Sundays.
33. At first I hoped I was having a boy, but now I’m excited that I’ll be having a girl.
34. I don’t think I would ever buy a sports car.
35. I’m too practical a gift-giver.
36. I wish I was more outgoing in my ward; I know hardly anyone.
37. I love budgeting. I readjust ours probably every month or so.
38. I love painting rooms.
39. I really don’t enjoy my back neighbors.
40. I like animals, but I don’t want to own any.
41. I love painting my toenails red.
42. I hate vanilla-scented stuff, like lotions or body washes.
43. I wish I had a pretty singing voice.
44. I won’t ever go bungee jumping.
45. I don’t ever want to own a gun or a snowmobile.
46. I love dancing.
47. I get choked up watching the Olympics, especially ice skaters.
48. I’m glad my kids are close in age.
49. I have never had a broken bone.
50. I’m a firm believer in timing.
51. By my 6-year anniversary (June 21), I will have been pregnant for ½ my marriage.
52. I love traveling.
53. I think I look awful without mascara.
54. My favorite job was at the Bank of Commerce.
55. My least favorite job was at USU Credit Union.
56. I wish I could draw.
57. I have never had an alcoholic drink or smoked.
58. I need to exercise more.
59. I love playing racquetball.
60. I go back and forth on whether to sell my grandma’s piano.
61. I used to be a packrat, now I’m a minimalist.
62. I hate politics.
63. I play pool and cartwheel left-handed.
64. I have super easy baby deliveries.
65. I hate getting my blood drawn.
66. I always get nervous before snowskiing or waterskiing.
67. I have a hard time spending money on myself.
68. I taught piano lessons when I was in high school.
69. I never want to live in a big city.
70. I cut my own hair.
71. I chew on my lips subconsciously, and I hate it!
72. I can never think of nursery rhymes or songs for my kids.
73. I’m a decent seamstress.
74. I was on the yearbook staff in junior high.
75. I was on the golf team my sophomore year; now I dislike golfing.
76. My favorite color is green, all sorts of shades.
77. Baby powder scents (like in deodorants) smell really weird on me.
78. I don’t wash my face at night.
79. I have a really hard time starting the lawn mower.
80. I hate running but I love walking.
81. I thought I was an awesome actress in high school drama, but took a class in college and realized how crappy I was.
82. I love Ding Dongs.
83. I hate nursing my babies.
84. I like roses, but will never own rose bushes because I hate the thorns.
85. I only like Gap jeans (maternity jeans are an exception).
86. I won a story contest and a poem contest when in elementary school-both regional.
87. We don’t have cable. At all.
88. We also don’t get the newspaper.
89. I hate weeding, but love seeing how nice it looks when I’m done.
90. Someday I’ll learn how to can veggies, etc.
91. I wish I had more food storage.
92. I wish I could clean my house and it would stay clean.
93. My favorite season is spring.
94. I never want to live in Utah. Okay, maybe Logan, or St. George, but none of the rest of it.
95. I’ve only kissed 4 guys, including my husband.
96. I almost always have socks on.
97. I hate scary movies.
98. I miss learning from college, but I don’t miss tests.
99. I want to learn a foreign language someday, and then visit the country/countries where it's spoken.

100. I love Sudoku.


Ralphie said...

Wow, Nat. I loved that! It so fun to read and think "I feel the same way". About vanilla scented stuff, yuck! It makes me nauseous. And I also HATE, HATE scary movies. I have things that sacry me, period.

Arin said...

We were so meant to be neighbors! Now I have to think of 100 things that aren't exactly the same as yours. :)

Maggi ("Magoo to you") said...

DO NOT sell your Grandmother's piano!!! It is now officially a family heirloom -- one your boys or your daughter might enjoy owning one day.

Backyard neighbors are never "enjoyed." Sorry that you didn't get "designer" genes, either (skin cancer). About smoking . . . I fumed a time or two. LOL. I give practical gifts, too. Nothing wrong with them, as they are used and appreciated. Of course, they sorda lack the sparkle and magic of my mother's gifts.

Tip for the homefront (housekeeping and making it fun for you and your kids): see

Marla is wonderful, loving, and gives out tons good and practical ideas which make home cleaning, maintenance, food prep, and even (yes) self-care fun! How can you take care of your family if you don't take care of yourself? You are so WORTH IT!

Karlenn said...

You don't wash your face at night???? What???? Okay, I officially hate you! You got all the amazing genes in the family! No pimples, skinny, hardly any health problems... grrr. But not too grrr. Because I love you. I thought I knew you better than anyone in the whole world, but I learned a few new things from this - it was fun! I'll totally do it.

Isaac said...

I have never worn a bikini or shaved my legs (Ankles once); however, I am a good seamstress.

Heidi said...

Umm... Isaac, I believe you HAVE shaved your legs, remember? You said they looked too pretty and it freaked you out?
And, hello, your speedo would totally count as a bikini. You're just topless.
(Sigh)I miss your speedo and your pretty legs. ; ) Love you!

(Isaac's wife)

Isaac said...

I didn't shave my legs. I used clippers not a razor. Almost the same look but Very different. I wore pants for the next couple of months to hide my "pretty" legs.
And that Speedo was for swimming laps at Cottonwood Reacreation Center. For everyone reading this blog; no, I didn't strut around the deck of the pool sporting a Speedo....I wore a towel around my waist when I was on deck. I wore the speedo for practicality purposes; not for the looks. Thanks Dear. I love you.

Nat, you have to love what surfaces on your blog. Oh, and I like mushrooms, olives and tomatoes.